Pros / This program offers an expansive library of optimization profiles to tailor your conversion for smartphones, tablets, televisions and more.

Cons / Tipard produced the lowest-quality conversion of the applications we reviewed.

 Verdict / In the world of video-converter software, quality is king, and no amount of tools can make up for a substandard result.

Tipard Video Converter offered enough tools and features to be included in our lineup of the best video format converters on the market. However, it underperformed in almost all tests because it took the longest to complete a conversion and produced the lowest-quality video of all the products we evaluated.

The first thing to understand about this program is that it is fairly easy to use. In our ease-of-use tests, we evaluated the program’s interface, tracked how long it takes to perform common tasks and how long it would take the average user to learn all its features. In the end, it scored 80% - the average amongst all the products we tested was 81%.

There is one aspect of video converter software where Tipard came out on top. Not only does it offer the most commonly used video formats, it also contains the largest selection of formats compared to all other converters. All told, you can convert your videos into 27 different formats. This means you can use the software to convert your video for playback in any device, player or software you own.

Apart from the raw formats, this video converter offers a nearly comprehensive library of preprogrammed optimization profiles. These profiles allow you to tailor your conversion for mobile devices, set-top boxes, televisions and more. With over 225 optimization choices, you can convert your video to the specific settings of your smartphone, tablet or any other device you own.

Another place where Tipard excels is in its video editing capabilities. This program allows you to trim and crop footage, adjust the volume of your sound, manipulate picture values like hue, brightness and contrast, adjust aspect ratio, add watermarks and more. The only thing it doesn’t have is a selection of filters you can add to your videos for quick and fun enhancement.

This program offers some, but not all, of the extra features we look for in the best video converters. You can use it to download videos from YouTube and Vimeo, convert 2D videos into 3D, and convert multiple videos at once. However, it's missing other useful tools such as DVD burner, that would allow you to watch your converted videos with a DVD or Blu-ray player.

All of these features and tools are great, but they can’t compensate for a horrible-quality conversion. When we tested Tipard, we found it took more than an hour to convert an hour-long video. That is the longest conversion time of all the products we tested. And you don't get a higher-quality video for that wait. We inspected the converted video and found it was nearly unwatchable. Every single frame of the video created by Tipard had significant pixelation, compression artifact and motion blur. And there's no option to increase the quality of the conversion. If you want the best quality conversion, consider Wondershare Video Converter.

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    81.5 %


Tipard Video Converter has many of the components we look for in this category. If we were judging these products on feature set alone, it would fare much better. However, the long conversion time and low-quality results land this product in the bottom tier in our evaluation of the best video converter programs.

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