Pros / CryptoForge is easy to install and start using.

Cons / It takes a while to encrypt files.

 Verdict / CryptoForge is fairly fast, simple-to-use encryption software with a strong encryption key and a handful of security features.

CryptoForge version 5.2.1 has the strongest and most secure encryption algorithm out there, 256-bit key AES, making it a secure file encryption solution. This software is simple to use, though it does lack in security tools. And while it isn’t the slowest when it comes to encrypting files, CryptoForge did keep us waiting for a while during our encryption tests.

We used CryptoForge to encrypt 63 files that equaled 124MB, then deciphered them. It took just under three minutes to encrypt these files, which isn’t as slow as some programs that took seven minutes. However, this is significantly more than our top-rated pick that only took six seconds to encrypt the exact same files. Three minutes isn’t too long to wait to secure smaller batches of files, but it could equate to a long wait if you need to encrypt larger files. It took CryptoForge six seconds to decipher the files.

CryptoForge is simple to use. In fact, after installing the program, we were able to start encrypting and shredding files right away by just right clicking on a file, choosing “encrypt” and then entering a password. Decrypting and shredding your files work the same way.

This encryption program includes an app with its software that lets you send encrypted files by email to anyone and lets them decrypt the files without having CryptoForge installed on their computer. You can also run this app from a USB thumb drive or memory card.

This program offers the most secure encryption key, AES 256-bit. This cipher is used by the U.S. government, military and banks and scrambles your data thoroughly when it encrypts files. CryptoForge also provides three other encryption algorithms for you to use – 448-bit Blowfish, 168-bit Triple DES and 256-bit GOST. Most of these are good for smaller files, but won’t work for large chunks of data. For files larger than 36GB, 256-bit key AES is the only algorithm that can handle it.

This software has a couple of good security tools. In addition to a file shredder that completely erases all signs of a used file, CryptoForge has a password meter that lets you know if the ones you’re using are strong enough. However, remember your passwords because if you forget you will not be able to access your encrypted files. The program doesn’t have a password recovery process. It also doesn’t have a password generator, which is a great tool for creating strong passwords.

CryptoForge is a simple-to-use encryption program with a strong algorithm key. It doesn’t have all the security measures of the top encryption software, but it does have a password meter and a secure file shredder.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Encryption Algorithm Type
256-bit Key AES