Pros / It includes malware detection and protection features.

Cons / Avast doesn’t filter by country or use a Bayesian filter.

 Verdict / Avast is missing some important tools, but it’s still a good antispam program with added internet security protections.

Avast Internet Security includes spam filters to protect you from malicious and annoying email messages. This program is also included on our internet security lineup because it is one of the best for protecting your computers from viruses, Trojans and other malware.

Avast recognizes and blocks phishing schemes, messages that look real but are meant to trick you into providing personal information to hackers and identity thieves. It warns you before you click on a malicious link or open a phishing message.

Using the program’s antispam settings, you can filter email messages by sender and IP address. Avast connects to public malware, phishing and spam lists, so it can block known spam and dangerous messages in real time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t block emails by country of origin, though it can scan attachments.

Another drawback is Avast doesn’t have a Bayesian filter. This type of filter picks up on more sophisticated spam messages. For example, some spammers send messages that look like they came from valid companies. A Bayesian filter weeds these out by noticing if the company name is spelled wrong, there are special characters or punctuation marks hidden in the message or header, or the email address and sender’s signature don’t match.

Avast uses other non-intrusive tools to observe your email habits. By noting which newsletters you like to read or sweepstakes you tend to delete, it learns which messages to block or allow.

Avast Internet Security works with free email accounts, such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail, as well as standalone email clients like Outlook. This spam blocker is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, plus it works on Android and iOS cell phones and tablets. Avast has several multi-device packages, so you can use one program to filter email messages on all your devices.

Avast has great live customer support – you can contact the company by telephone 24/7. The searchable knowledgebase on the developer’s website is easy to use and has clear answers to common questions.

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Avast Internet Security is a good choice for basic spam filtering, plus it comes with malware protection. It recognizes phishing schemes, one of the most dangerous types of spam, and warns you before you open them. It doesn’t have a Bayesian filter nor does it filter by country. However, it scans attachments to ensure they are safe.

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