SpamSieve is compatible with Mac computers and mobile devices, but we found it was more difficult to install than the other software we evaluated. It’s compatible with Mac email clients, such as Entourage, as well as Outlook. It works in Mail, too, and since you redirect all your email accounts through SpamSieve, you can monitor and block spam messages sent to your free email addresses, as well.

SpamSieve recognizes your contacts as safe and automatically places them on your whitelist. It also uses a Bayesian filter and non-intrusive learning patterns (NILP) to understand how you classify your messages and recognize phishing schemes, such as emails from scammers that look like they’re from legitimate companies.

You can set SpamSieve to color-code incoming messages so you can quickly identify safe ones, delete known spam, and check questionable emails before tagging them one way or the other. Future messages from tagged senders are appropriately color-coded, though you can opt to have SpamSieve automatically move them from your inbox into a quarantine folder.

This antispam program checks for phishing schemes to keep you from accidentally sharing private information with scammers. You can adjust the sensitivity settings, which control how closely the software looks at messages. However, if you set them too high, it may label safe emails you want to read as spam. We suggest keeping the sensitivity at the default setting.

You need to know source code, the computer language programmers use to create software, to set some of the features. This can be intimidating if you are unfamiliar with it, but the user guide has written steps and diagrams to help you out. Still, some of the language in the manual is technical and difficult to follow, and since SpamSieve doesn’t offer telephone support, the user guide is all you have to figure it out.

Another program we reviewed, Avast Internet Security, is also compatible with Macs. Although it doesn’t have as many features and filters as SpamSieve, it is easier to install and use. We recommend Avast over SpamSieve because it is less of a hassle to set up.

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SpamSieve is an antispam program designed specifically for Apple computers and mobile devices. It isn’t easy to set up and some features require you to enter source code. This can be a problem since the developer doesn’t offer live support, though there is a user guide to help you. You can set filter sensitivity and color-code messages as they come in so you can quickly identify which are safe. The software also learns you email habits to limit how much spam gets through to your inbox.

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