Glarysoft's Disk SpeedUp is a defragmenter application that offers various types of scans, so you can focus on specific files or organize your entire hard drive. It has a simple interface with the standard grid of colors to represent your hard drive as it defragments the disk. It has tabs to indicate the different functions, including selecting specific files or folders for special attention or doing a boot-time defrag only.

When you need to focus your hard-drive maintenance in a single area, this defragmenter allows you to exclude specific files and folders from your scans. It has automatic scheduling features as well. These functions default to the off position, but you can select a scan style and frequency that works for you.

Disk SpeedUp also includes an optional background scan. Just select how long you want to wait before the scan starts, and the software will automatically perform micro disk defrags during your down time. If you prefer, you can also set it up to start automatically whenever you start up your computer.

In addition, it has file- and drive-analysis tools to show you disk capacity, fragmentation, analyzed file amounts and which fragments need optimizing. It also does a boot-time defragmentation that targets startup programs. Analysis usually takes less than a minute and can help you decide if it’s time for a full defragmentation or if certain files need to be worked on. Like many defragmentation programs, Glarysoft recommends defragmenting your PC once a week rather than daily.

This defragmenter requires 15.8MB of free space for installation. It works on Windows operating systems, including XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. The download requires less than 5MB of space, and you can view a snapshot of your hard drive on the platform before you run your first scan.

This defragmenting software application doesn't have special features for solid-state drives nor does it include adware or bloatware. However, it asks if you want to install Glarysoft Utilities before you open the application. Overall, Glarysoft handles most of the functions of any disk defragmenter with advanced features that let you focus on specific areas. However, you should look for another program if you use a solid-state drive.

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