Puran Defrag is a single utility within a larger software suite, but you don't need to download all the extra components when you want to scan your machine. As long as you have a compatible PC with a traditional hard drive, this software application automates defragmentation based on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

This defragmenting application doesn't have a special scan to search out malware, and it doesn't have special features for solid-state devices either. With that in mind, it's a free defragmenter application with options to exclude certain files. It scans your hard disk for common startup files and uses PIOZR technology to organize your files based on how often you use them.

This software application provides two different scans on its dashboard: You can run the traditional defragmenter or run bootup scans. The bootup defrag process focuses specifically on the way your machine starts up. This tool concentrates on programs that are not safe to defrag while Windows is running.

This defragmenter also comes with scheduling features for both types of scans, including an automatic scan upon bootup, the first day of the month or once a week, depending on your preference. You can set a low priority defrag so you can use your computer even while defragmentation is running. This runs the program in background, only using resources when you are not using other programs. You can even have Puran Defrag shut down your computer once it's done scanning.

Puran Defrag comes with other utilities you can download separately. These include an uninstaller, a disk cleaner and registry cleaner plus a registry defragmenter, data recovery, a shutdown timer and a gaming PC optimizer. These are also free.

Puran Defrag works on Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8. It supports 64-bit operating systems. This disk defragmenter gives you two ways to optimize your hard drive. It organizes your hard-drive storage and optimizes startup.

You can use Puran Defrag for free on a single computer, but if you want to use it on multiple computers, you'll need to purchase a license. Support is available only through an online form or email.

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