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ALLPOWERS 10000 mAh Review

The ALLPOWERS solar power bank is one of the best-looking solar phone chargers we tested. Its sleek black body and leather-clad solar panels makes it look like a high-tech device.

Our Verdict

With its foldable panels, sleek design and USB-C compatibility, the ALLPOWERS solar power bank is a great charger.


  • The ALLPOWERS power bank tells you the strength of its sun exposure.


  • Its ports aren’t protected against the elements.
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The ALLPOWERS solar power bank is one of the best-looking solar phone chargers we tested. Its sleek black body and leather-clad solar panels makes it look like a high-tech device. Its design is more user-friendly than other solar power banks we tested, with easy-to-view indicator LEDs and a light quality indicator. Aside from being an attractive product, the ALLPOWERS battery performed well in testing and charges quickly using its USB-C input.


We tested ten solar power banks side-by-side to compare their solar charging power. Of the contenders, the ALLPOWERS absorbed and converted more energy than eight, putting it in second place behind the X-Dragon power bank. Though not quite on top, the ALLPOWERS still managed to charge our test device, a Samsung Galaxy S5, over halfway after sitting outside for just four hours in both cloudy and sunny conditions. This may not seem like much power for the time investment, but charging the power bank with a wall outlet and using the solar panels for emergencies is the best way to use this device. The battery’s 2A USB-C input lets it charge quickly from an outlet, from zero to full in just five hours. With a full charge, the 10,000 mAh battery gives you multiple phone charges, depending on your device.

You can use the ALLPOWERS as a strictly solar-powered device, but be aware that it may take a few days to charge the battery to full by solar charging alone. Each of the ALLPOWERS’ four solar panels can collect and convert 1.5W per hour max under strong sunlight. Based on our test results, a full days’ worth of charging in the sun should be enough to completely charge most smartphones once.


The body of the battery has a shiny black panel that houses the battery’s LED indicators. These are nice and large, allowing you to check your battery’s status at a glance. Though LEDs don’t take up much power, the multiple LEDs of the ALLPOWERS charger use more of energy than other products. It also has a unique light sensor feature that illuminates red, yellow or green depending on the quality of light reaching the panels. This is useful for finding the ideal placement for your panels to collect the most sunlight.

At the top of the device, the ALLPOWERS power bank has three ports: two USB outputs and one USB-C input. This solar charger doesn’t protect these ports in any way, so it’s less water and dust-resistant than many other products we tested. There’s also a small LED flashlight and an orange power button, but no convenient way to attach the panels to a backpack for charging on the go.

For the most part, the ALLPOWERS is a great Solar Charger. Its four foldable solar panels soak up more sun than most of the other solar power banks we tested, its light-sensor technology is a useful tool to help you make the most of your sun resources and its 2A USB-C input can charge it to full in five hours or less. The only drawback is its ports are more susceptible to water and dust ingress than other products we tested.

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