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Dizaul 24000 mAh Review

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available.

Our Verdict

The Dizaul solar power bank is the best single-paneled solar charger we tested.


  • It has a very large battery capacity and charges quickly via USB-C.


  • It isn’t waterproof, and its ports aren’t covered.
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Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Dizaul solar charger has a sleek black exterior, unique indicator LED panel and subtly color-coded ports make it look right at home alongside your high-end smart devices. At 24,000 mAh, it’s one of the largest-capacity solar power banks we tested, and it can also charge from a wall outlet in just five hours thanks to its fast-charging USB-C input.


The Dizaul solar charger performed better than any other single-paneled power bank we tested. Its panel is slightly larger than other products’ and has a peak output of 1.6W. Because solar charging depends on the surface area of the solar panels, the Dizaul’s solar charging test performances were not as impressive as the results from multi-paneled chargers like the X-Dragon or AllPowers. Still, for a single-panel charger, the Dizaul is impressive. It even surpassed the two-paneled Hiluckey charger’s performance in our cloudy day test.

Like most solar power banks, the Dizaul is meant to be charged primarily from a wall outlet, using solar as a backup. Because the 24,000 mAh power bank has such a large capacity, it can take over 40 hours of sunlight to charge all the way. Our tests indicate that the Dizaul can collect enough energy per day to charge a phone about 70 percent, so it isn’t a sustainable solar-only product unless you rarely need to charge your devices. It has a quick-charging USB-C input that fills the battery up in just five hours when connected to a wall outlet, which is extremely fast considering many batteries we tested with only 10,000 mAh capacity also take that long to charge.

Design and Features:

Most of the solar chargers we reviewed look rugged and outdoorsy. The Dizaul, instead, looks like the high-tech accessory that it is, though this sleek design comes with a few drawbacks. The lack of a cover leaves the two USB output ports, USB-C and microUSB ports vulnerable to water and dust. The body is covered in a scratch-resistant matte finish that keeps it looking nice and neat. A shiny black panel that acts as the LED indicator display wraps around the top corner of the battery. Though aesthetically pleasant, this design choice makes it difficult to view the battery’s status, particularly in the sun.

Unlike most of the products we tested, the Dizaul battery does not have a built-in flashlight. It does, however, come with a small USB stick nightlight. The light is fine for reading but isn’t great for emergency illumination. Plus, it takes up one of the USB output ports. The Dizaul also comes with both a microUSB and USB-C charging cable and a carrying loop attached to a small hole through one corner of the battery.

This sleek power bank with emergency solar charging doesn’t have the bulk of fold-out panels. The Dizaul solar charger is the best single-panel charger we tested. Its large capacity and fast charging make it a great accessory for all your charging needs. Though not as rugged as other models we reviewed, the Dizaul is a top contender for its sleek and effective design and performance.