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Hiluckey Review

The Hiluckey solar power bank shares many of the same qualities as our top pick product but costs about half as much.

Our Verdict

Similar to our best pick but half the price, the Hiluckey solar power bank is a great budget buy.


  • With two solar panels and a 10,000 mAh capacity battery, the Hiluckey solar power bank is a great value.


  • The power button on the back is difficult to press.
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The Hiluckey solar power bank shares many of the same qualities as our top pick product but costs about half as much. With two solar panels, the Hiluckey has twice the solar-charging capabilities of single-paneled devices, but predictably, it isn’t as fast as the batteries we tested with four panels.


We tested ten solar power banks side-by-side to figure out which would best keep your devices alive when relying on solar energy alone. Because solar energy collection is heavily reliant on the available panel surface area, products with more panels collect and store more energy than those with fewer, but other factors besides surface area affect charging performance. For example, the SunJack solar charger has a 10,000 mAh battery and four solar panels. In our tests, it managed to charge our test device 59 percent and 48 percent on sunny and cloudy days respectively. The Hiluckey charger also has a 10,000 mAh battery, but it has half as many panels as the SunJack. Half the panels in this case doesn’t mean half the performance, as the Hiluckey charged the test device 41 percent and 29 percent in the same tests. The stats are a little more balanced when compared to the X-Dragon’s 73 percent and 60 percent results, but the point still stands that the Hiluckey charger has good solar-charging performance.

Even with its comparably good solar charging performance, it can take a few days in the sun to fully charge the Hiluckey’s power bank. It’s designed to charge primarily from a wall outlet using solar as a backup. When hooked up to a wall outlet, the battery can charge to full in a few hours.

Features and Design:

The Hiluckey power bank is designed for use outdoors. Its colored plastic body is coated in rugged, black ABS that protects it from bumps and falls. Its ports are all covered by a rubber plug to protect them against water and dust ingress when not in use. The foldable solar panels are sheathed in leather to protect them against the elements as well.

The back of the power bank houses the LED flashlight panel with a constant light, a strobe and SOS signal modes. The light is very bright when the battery is charged but doesn’t work as well with lower power levels. The power bank has five smaller LEDs on the side to indicate the battery’s charge level and progress. One of the device’s bottom corners has a leather-like loop, which doesn’t feel especially sturdy, but works for attaching the bank to your pack while hiking.

The Hiluckey solar power bank is a great value. It has a 10,000 mAh battery, two solar panels and plenty of features that make it the perfect companion for your next camping trip. Though its two panels don’t work as effectively as chargers with more panels, the Hiluckey’s budget price and good performance make it worth considering.

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