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GPX DH300B Review

The GPX DH300B offers straightforward video and audio playback and is a basic device for watching all of your DVDs.

Our Verdict

The GPX DH300B is a simple and affordable DVD player with all of the basic features you’d expect and none of the unwanted frills.


  • It has the second fastest disc playback start time.


  • It cannot play rewriteable discs.
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The GPX DH300B offers straightforward video and audio playback and is a basic device for watching all of your DVDs. The simple player provides you with all the essential functionality you’d expect from a DVD player and backs it up with a short 90-day warranty and various customer service options. Overall, the player does what it’s designed to do well, especially when you consider its low price.

One of the things we tested on these DVD players in Purch Labs was disc load speeds. And the GPX DH300B was no disappointment. In fact, it averaged the second fastest load times – 14.64 seconds. The player and its accompanying remote control were also easy to set up and use. Buttons on both are clearly labeled and easy to press. On the back of the device, there is an HDMI output, S-video, coaxial digital audio, composite video and RCA stereo audio connections. However, it lacks a USB port.

If you have a lot of old, low-resolution movies, this DVD player can actually improve their image quality through the upscaling feature. This process fills in and improves surrounding pixels, making your old movies look like they are playing in 1080p. Of course, it can also play 720p and 1080i/p movies. It also supports 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.

The DH300B supports multiple-language audio and subtitles, making it a smart choice for foreign film enthusiasts, and it supports Dolby audio for high-quality audio for your movies and CD audio. It has an automatic playback resume function, which marks where you stop the most recently used DVD then resumes playback from that exact point whenever you’re ready to continue. The player is limited to region one discs, but within that limitation, it can play discs from that region that have foreign language audio tracks and subtitles.

Despite its many strengths, the player does have a few drawbacks as well. It’s the only player in our comparison that cannot play any rewriteable DVDs or CDs. It also lacks a USB port, which would be the only possible workaround for its incompatibility with rewriteable discs. If you’ve got to have a player with both of those options, consider the Sony DVP-SR510H; it costs more than the DH300B but has those two features and more.

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