Dyson Cyclone V10 Review

A competent stick cleaner

Dyson Cyclone v10
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This vacuum has ridiculously strong suction for cleaning all types of debris from all types for flooring, but the price makes it impractical for most consumers.


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    The Dyson Cyclone v10 Absolute pulls apart to become a hand vacuum cleaner.


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    The $600 price is staggering when compared to other stick vacuums.

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When you combine superior suction, versatility, and ease of use in a lightweight stick vacuum, you arrive at the Dyson Cyclone v10 Absolute. You also arrive at a really high price, unfortunately. It may be worth it if you love the design, though. This one is so superior to the others that it could largely replace your full-size vacuum cleaner, so that may justify the price for some households, but it is $500 dollars more than the Dirt Devil Accucharge. Neither make our list of the best vacuum cleaners, as they're now older models.

There are obvious ways it is not like a full-size vacuum cleaner, though. For one thing, you carry much more weight yourself with the v10. The weight of your trusty upright is riding on its wheels, but the top-heavy v10 is going to be hefted by your arm muscle. Also, your full-size vacuum cleaner likely plugs into the wall and runs indefinitely. This one goes on its battery for a limited amount of time. We never got it to last more than 15 minutes, though that was on the max setting. Lower settings should get you up to about an hour.

Its suction cannot be overstated. It cleaned all messes on all surfaces quickly in our tests. It seemed a little weak on hardwood flooring at first, but that was before we attached the specialized hardwood cleaning head with the softer brush. It was practically perfect then, though it still pushed some of the sawdust off the edge of the floor rather than sucking it up right away. Also, the strong suction almost seems like too much on some surfaces when it is on the maximum power setting. The suction almost creates a seal between the vacuum cleaner and the floor. The normal setting is enough power for most vacuuming jobs.

One thing that is definitely better compared to older versions of Dyson's stick vacuums is the bin capacity. Even if the battery life is relatively short, you won't have to stop to empty as often. When you do, the v10 is not as likely to form a dust cloud of allergens as some bag-free units either because the bin slides away from you as it is being emptied.

The Dyson Cyclone v10 Absolute can be pulled apart to become a very strong hand vacuum cleaner for your car or other small jobs around the house. It also comes with all sorts of tools to get into corners and under furniture. Even its traditional cleaning heads are pretty agile. They swivel in and around furniture quickly.

A $600 price tag is not going to be a justifiable expense for everyone, but this vacuum cleaner is very good at cleaning every kind of spill on every kind of surface. It is nice to be cord-free, even though it does not have an impressive battery life. Its slender profile makes it easy to store and get out for quick spills.

Angie Parkinson
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