Supertooth HD VOICE

 Hands-free  is an expression unique to our generation. In many circles, it s used it all the time. When electronic devices began devouring our attention, especially on the roads and leading to car collisions, hands-free was the solution. Now you can keep your eyes on the road thanks to this or that device. It s a needed and welcome innovation.

The Supertooth HD Voice, and Bluetooth products like it, are the latest product evolution developed from this need. Easy to use and reliable, the Supertooth HD will allow you to easily connect with friends, loved ones and coworkers while on the road. You can effortlessly pair it with up to eight devices. This is a great feature if the Supertooth s resting place is a shared car. You can even play music through its speakers, though don t expect to be blown away with the two 5-watt speakers housed inside the Supertooth HD; this device was not designed to deliver music. That said, the speakers are noticeably clear and strong for hearing messages or GPS directions even with all the ambient noise of a vehicle.

If you don t have Siri or S-Voice, you can use Dial2Do, which is similar in functionality. The key difference is that Dial2Do is a paid service with monthly fees (the first six months will be free, however). It will allow you dictate items like emails or have them read to you.

After you pair the Supertooth to your phone, you can make and receive calls with voice commands or the push of a Supertooth button. Perhaps the simplest pleasure is the magnetic connection between the clip and the device. Instead of fussing with sliding something on and off your visor, you simply pull it off and break the magnetic connection. The connection is strong enough that you don t have to worry about a bump in the road knocking your Supertooth loose, but it s still easy to detach. There s a large, easy-to-grip dial for adjusting the volume, or you can just punch the middle to redial the last call made. Fully charged, the battery will deliver 20 hours of talk time.

In summary, the Supertooth HD is easy to use with its simple functions and convenient design. However, many cars are coming with Bluetooth built in, so this tech will eventually, if not quickly, be redundant. But for those of us without the Bluetooth option, it's hard to find a better option than Supertooth s HD Voice In-Car Speakerphone. If you want to see more, be sure to check out the Top Ten Reviews' video review on the Supertooth HD.

Jacob Rogers