Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate Review

Aiseesoft Video Converter produces quality conversions, offers a healthy selection of conversion and optimization profiles and a useful array of video-editing tools.

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This is a middling video converter program. It has great tools, but only delivers average results.


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    This program comes with more than 225 preprogrammed conversion and optimization profiles.


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    It lacks tools to allow you to burn your converted videos to DVD.

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Aiseesoft Video Converter produces quality conversions, offers a healthy selection of conversion and optimization profiles and a useful array of video-editing tools. However, this video conversion application took about six times as long to convert videos compared to the fastest programs we reviewed.

Once a video is loaded into the interface, all you have to do is select a conversion profile and click Convert. It takes about 30 minutes to convert a 60-minute video. While this is a far cry from the longest conversion time we encountered, the best video converter software can complete the same task in less than five minutes. The fastest conversion time we recorded was one minute, achieved by Movavi Video Converter.

You can use this program to do much more than simply switch video formats. You can tailor your conversion for specific devices such as smartphones, tablets, televisions, gaming systems, set-top boxes and more. Aiseesoft offers more than 225 optimization profiles to choose from. It's very likely you'll find a profile that fits the device in your pocket or the one that's mounted on your wall.

The quality of the converted videos was often described during the testing, “good enough.” As we tested the conversions we found noticeable flaws in the picture. These imperfections include pixelation and compression artifact. They are especially pronounced when you convert a high-resolution video into a smaller resolution. Now, if you’ll watch it on a smartphone or tablet, you may not be able to spot it. But if you watch it on a big-screen HD TV, it’s inescapable. The audio portion of the conversion was acceptable, but we could hear slight crackles and other audio flaws when compared to the source. However, in spite of these flaws, you should be able to get through your videos without being sucked out of the experience.

Aiseesoft Video Converter also comes with an array of basic video-editing tools, which allow you to trim unwanted footage, crop the frame, add simple video effects, and adjust picture values like brightness, hue and saturation. These tools let you tailor your video so you get exactly what you want before you begin the conversion process.

All of the video converters in our lineup operate on the same basic principle. It's really the extra features that differentiate each video converter application from the others. And while Aiseesoft Video Converter has some of these tools, like the ability to download online videos, it lacks others, such as DVD-burning tools and the ability to add subtitles to your videos.

Aiseesoft is an adequate video converter program. Good for home use, archiving and making videos to store on a mobile device. It converts videos at a rate that’s about the category average, but slow when compared to the fastest products. The picture isn’t great, but it’s not terrible either. All that considered, it may be good enough to buy, but for the same price you can get a superior product.

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