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Leawo Video Converter excels at converting video to a wide range of file formats that are viewable on anything from televisions to mobile devices. This video converter software can read and write nearly all file types we looked for.

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Leawo Video Converter is a fine choice if you’re looking for a "just-the-basics" application.


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    This program has a useful array of customization tools that allow you to trim, crop and adjust the picture values of a video before you convert it.


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    Extra features, like online video downloads and DVD-burning tools, require that you buy additional modules in the Leawo suite.

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Leawo Video Converter excels at converting video to a wide range of file formats that are viewable on anything from televisions to mobile devices. This video converter software can read and write nearly all file types we looked for. There are a healthy number of editing tools, but it lacks several effects found on other applications.

Leawo has a solid list of tools for manipulating your videos. Chief among them are the preprogrammed output profiles. These profiles let you choose from 25 different file formats, so you should have little trouble finding the one you're looking for. It also offers more than 100 device-optimization profiles for everything from smartphones and tablets to gaming systems and set-top boxes. You should find a profile that suits your needs; however, other programs like WinX HD Video Converter offer up to four times as many output profiles as Leawo.

The video editor included with this program is one of the best we saw during our evaluation. It makes it very easy to trim, crop and flip videos. You can also personalize the final video with a watermark and embed subtitles in your output video. An effects menu gives you control over brightness, contrast, saturation and volume. Additionally, you can convert 2D videos into 3D, but you shouldn’t expect to get Hollywood quality out of this simple application. The one thing that would make the video editor better is if they had included a selection of fun, preprogrammed filters for your videos. This might seem small, but the best programs have them, and they’re more useful than you may think.

You also have control over settings like bit rate, frame rate and aspect ratio, although you can also leave all of those on their default settings, if you prefer. You can decide between high, low and medium quality for the audio and video quality of your final output file.

When you use the program's default quality settings, it takes 40 minutes to convert an hour-long video. This is about average among all the programs we tested. However, our top choice can perform the same task in five minutes or less.

You’ll also notice some picture degradation in the converted video, if you convert on the default settings. When we inspected a converted video and compared it to the original, we noticed some pixelation and compression artifacts. However, you can solve this problem by adjusting the quality setting to high. The feature might be a bit hard to find as it is buried a bit deep in the program’s interface, and it will take significantly longer to perform a high-quality conversion.

One important thing to note about Leawo Video Converter is that it's only a single module in the Leawo Total Media Converter suite. Many of the extra features we look for in video converter software, such as disc-burning tools and online video downloading, are available in the suite, but you need to buy those modules separately.

Leawo Video Converter is a good choice for video converter software. It has all the tools you need to switch up your video formats and optimize your conversions for specific devices. However, you’ll need to fiddle with your settings if you want a high-quality conversion, and a lot of the extra tools we look for cost extra.

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