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Kalamera KRC30SZB 30 Bottle Review

This is a higher-end wine cooler, and it’s efficient, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.

Our Verdict

The Kalamera KRC30SZB is a high-end wine cooler that holds 30 bottles at once and displays your wines on wooden shelves where you can see the labels.


  • It has a temperature range of 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • There is only a single chill zone in this fridge.
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This is a higher-end wine cooler, and it’s efficient, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. The Kalamera KRC30SZB is a single-zone fridge that is designed to be used as either a freestanding or built-in unit and holds 30 bottles of wine. The pull-out racks are made from wood, which adds to the high-end feel of the fridge, and the wines are set with the bottom of the bottle toward you, so it’s easier to read the labels.

The Kalamera KRC30SZB chills wines between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can accommodate any type of wine from dark reds to sparkling whites. You can adjust the temperature of this wine cooler using the digital controls on the top of the door. This cooler features memory technology, so if the power goes out, the fridge will remember the last temperature you set it to and will resuming cooling to that temperature whenever power is restored. The door is made with double-paned, tempered glass that blocks UV rays and keeps the inside temperature stable. 

The KRC30SZB is a single-zone cooler, so you can only chill one type of wine at a time. If you need a dual zone, we suggest looking at the EdgeStar CWF340DZ

One drawback of this model is that it uses a compressor to cool your wines, which uses more energy than thermoelectric coolers and isn’t as quiet while running. It is about as loud as a kitchen fridge, which also generally use a compressor. It also costs more than most other wine coolers in our comparison – more than double actually.