NutriChef PKCWCDS188 review

The NutriChef PKCWCDS188 wine fridge works quietly and has dual-zone cooling.

NutriChef PKCWCDS188
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The NutriChef PKCWCDS188 is a great option if you need dual-zone cooling, however, its shelves can't be adjusted and it's smaller than other models.


  • +

    Dual zone

  • +

    Works quietly


  • -

    Shelves aren’t adjustable

  • -

    Smaller capacity

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The NutriChef PKCWCDS188 fridge is suitable for up to 18 bottles of wine. What sets this model apart from many others is that it offers dual zone cooling so that you can keep both white wine and red wine at the optimal temperature. 

This fridge is smaller than some of the others we’ve reviewed, though, so if you need something bigger, head to our guide on the best wine coolers

Here, we’ll be sharing the good, the bad, and everything you need to know about the NutriChef PKCWCDS188 dual zone model, however, the brand does also offer 18 bottle versions that are single zone coolers and are subsequently cheaper. 

NutriChef PKCWCDS188: Size and installation

  •  Width: 13.6 inches 
  •  Depth: 18.9 inches 
  •  Height: 32.7 inches  

The NutriChef PKCWCDS188 is one of the smallest capacity wine coolers we’ve reviewed as it can only store 18 bottles of wine. If you need something bigger, take a look at our Kalamera KRC30SZB 30 Bottle review. Despite having a smaller bottle capacity, this fridge actually weighs more than some of the largest coolers, coming in at 60.95 pounds. 

You’ll be able to install this NutriChef wine cooler yourself but it’s important to consider where you’re going to keep it to ensure the fridge will have enough ‘breathing’ space. NutriChef recommends you allow six inches of space at the back of the unit and 10 inches at the sides of the cooler. This model is designed to be freestanding and not used under a counter, but the key to allowing it to operate safely and efficiently is to allow it enough room to ventilate properly. 

You’ll need to keep the NutriChef PKCWCDS188 on a firm surface, rather than a carpeted area. Plus, if the floor where you’re going to keep this unit is slightly uneven, you can adjust the front legs to level out the appliance. Once you’ve positioned your wine cooler, allow it to stand for two hours before putting the plug into the power socket. Unlike many other models, this wine cooler doesn’t have a protruding handle so you won’t need to account for that in your measurements.

NutriChef PKCWCDS188: Features  

The NutriChef PKCWCDS188 is an 18-bottle wine cooler that has been designed to be freestanding rather than in-built. There are six wire racks in this refrigerator and it has two different zones so that you can keep both red and white wine inside it. 

Touch screen controls will let you adjust the internal temperature of this wine fridge, and the temperature options range from 41 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also choose whether you want to see the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The NutriChef wine cooler isn’t designed to be stored in an outdoor kitchen if you live somewhere with temperatures over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, as this will cause the compressor to work overtime trying to keep the fridge cold. 

As we just mentioned, this model uses a compressor that operates quietly once it hits optimal temperature but does whir when it’s working to change temperature. Compressors, while common, are effective but aren’t the most energy-efficient option. 

What’s disappointing about the NutriChef PKCWCDS188 is that it doesn’t include a child safety lock, meaning small members of your household might be able to get your prized wines. For when you need to move things around in the fridge or give it a clean, the shelves slide out but, unfortunately, there isn’t the functionality to rearrange the shelving to accommodate larger bottles of wine.

This wine cooler is more expensive than some of the larger capacity models we’ve reviewed, however, what you’re paying for with this model is the dual-zone cooling functionality. 

NutriChef PKCWCDS188: Design & performance  

The NutriChef PKCWCDS188 features LED lighting to illuminate the bottles, and you’re able to switch this on and off to suit your preferences. Coated in black with a hidden handle to the side of the door, this wine cooler features simple touch screen controls and has a glass tinted glass door. 

Alternatively, this model is also available in stainless steel if that’s more to your taste or would fit in better with your kitchen decor. The racks inside this refrigerator are made of chrome and are curved to carry bottles with ease. This does mean, however, that there isn’t any flexibility in how you store the bottles and you won’t be able to squeeze in any extra. 

The bottom of this wine cooler features racks that hold the wine as it stands up. You’re also able to remove all racks to clean this unit, but you won’t be able to adjust the height or rearrange the shelving. 

This fridge will be slightly noisy when you switch it on as the compressor gets to work to bring the fridge in line with the temperature you’ve selected, however, after it has done that, you shouldn’t find this fridge noisy. 

The NutriChef PKCWCDS188 comes with a one-year warranty, which is pretty standard for this type of appliance. 

NutriChef PKCWCDS188: User reviews 

The NutriChef PKCWCDS188 scores an average of 4.4 out of five stars on Amazon. Users praise the quietness of this appliance by saying the noise is ‘not noticeable’. Others mentioned how they liked the look of this wine cooler in their home and that the bottom shelf is great for allowing you to easily read the label on your wine bottles. Set up, for many users, was ‘easy’ and the dual-zone cooling went down well. 

Some users found this cooler restrictive and said that the bottom storage rack didn’t allow standard sized bottles to fit in properly. Despite lots of positive reviews, some users found the compressor noise irritating and said it didn’t maintain its temperature well. 

Should you buy the NutriChef PKCWCDS188?  

If you’re a fan of both red and white wine, the NutriChef PKCWCDS188 is a great choice for you as it has dual zone cooling. It is a little expensive considering it’s smaller than some cheaper models but the dual zone makes up for this. What this fridge is lacking is adjustable shelving and the ability to fit larger bottles in at the bottom. If you’re not fussed about a dual zone fridge, check out the Antarctic Star INAS90 Wine Cooler review for an alternative. 

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