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The Best Pet Tracking Devices of 2017

Keep a Close Eye on Your Pet

Pet Tracking Devices Review

Why Use a Pet Tracker?

Whether you own a skilled tracking dog, an energetic mixed-breed pooch or an adventurous cat who likes to roam, a pet tracker gives you peace of mind because you're aware of where your animal is at all times. Before purchasing a pet tracker, it's a good idea to find out more about these devices, and SafePet4Me, Garmin and RoamEO are some of the brands available.

A pet tracking device is easy to use and is either attached to your pet's existing collar or comes with a special adjustable collar or harness for your dog or cat. They are lightweight, so your furry friend doesn't even realize it’s there. If you're out during the day and your pet is at home, you'll know instantly if your animal has left the yard, and when you're walking at the park and have let your pet off the leash, all you have to do is check the pet tracker app to pinpoint exactly where your wanderer is.

Pet Trackers: What to Look For

The variety of pet trackers is large, so here are the most important aspects to look at when you're doing your research.

Some features you should check are whether the pet tracker is waterproof and what kind of attachment method it has. Establishing what type of batteries the GPS locator uses and how long they last before needing replacement or recharging helps to give you an idea of running costs. Some GPS trackers for dogs are bulkier than others so you need to make sure the device you are investigating is the correct size for your pet.

If your dog loves to swim, the level of water resistance of the tracker is an important feature. For instance, an IP67-rated pet tracker is waterproof and resistant to knocks.

Some pet trackers attach to collars with clips, others slide onto collars and some of them are compatible with harnesses. You should take into account how energetic and adventurous your pet is when deciding which type is best. For example, a dog who loves to wriggle under and over obstacles may need an extra securely fastened tracker.

Fees and Subscriptions
Most GPS pet trackers, in addition to the purchase price, require a one-off activation fee and a monthly or yearly subscription. It's especially necessary to compare prices when you have more than one pet. Check on special deals because the manufacturer or retailer may offer a discounted price for multiple pets. Radio frequency pet trackers usually have no subscription fee.

An important item to check is if the pet tracker is compatible with your electronic device, as certain trackers connect to your smartphone via a pet tracking app and others are suitable for desktop or laptop computers. Also, find out what coverage the tracker features; many use cellular networks and GPS technology that is available nationwide, while others are limited to certain regions or only function successfully in urban areas. An internet connection is usually required, and many of the devices use Google Maps to ascertain a pet's whereabouts.

Pet trackers let you make sure your domestic animals are safe 24/7. You should consider purchasing one if you are concerned about your pet's whereabouts.