The PeTrack GPS Tracker is a GPS tracking device that makes use of a satellite network to provide you with tracking results within 10 feet. Through the use of a free mobile app, you can actively track multiple pets and set up geofencing alerts. Thanks to the durable design of the unit, this tracking device should endure water, mud and other environments your pets may enjoy.

This pet tracking device accesses more than 50 satellite channels on a worldwide network, ensuring you’re able to get readings of the GPS device’s location within 10 feet. This accuracy is further augmented with the ability to add geofencing, where you can set invisible perimeters around your home so that if your pet wanders outside of that location, you’ll immediately receive an alert.

This small pet tracking collar is made of synthetic materials and a waterproof casing. To assist in conserving battery life and extending the device’s use, it is equipped with a motion detection sensor that allows for active tracking only when your pet is on the move. In addition, the unit is able to keep track of your pet’s locations so you can easily track previous destinations and better anticipate where they’ll go if they get loose.

All of this monitoring is made possible through a free smartphone app for both Apple and Android devices. The app offers live GPS locator tracking of your pet’s location, enabling you to monitor the location of multiple pets through the same interface. You can customize each pet’s tag so as to better identify which pet is loose from the map view.

The PeTrack GPS Tracker is a multifaceted device that gives you comfort in knowing your pets’ locations. Its durable design, combined with its motion detection, ensures that the battery life will endure over multiple days and the unit won’t easily break. This combines well with a free mobile app that makes use of GPS technology to facilitate active tracking, geofencing and more. If you have multiple pets you want to track, this could be a good option for your needs.