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Boxee Review

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Boxee's cutting edge technology is its strong point, but it has a limited selection of apps. However, the No Limits DVR feature is useful and innovative.

Boxee TV is a media streaming box that opens your TV to an array of digital media, combining your personal computer files with internet content like YouTube, and letting you do things like browse Facebook from your TV.

Without the need for internal storage or a hard drive, Boxee retrieves movies and other data from a cloud-based system. Boxee TV also has a dual tuner, which allows you to record two programs simultaneously or record one program while watching another on live TV.

Boxee TV includes a remote, but it's basic. It has only the essential buttons to help you scroll through the menus on your TV, and it lacks a QWERTY keyboard. However, once you're set up, your phone, tablet or computer can act as a remote control or program guide that will function better than the included remote. You can schedule the Boxee DVR to record when you are away and then watch the recording on any device.

With the No Limits DVR and dual tuner, Boxee TV simulates the DVR experience of cable television. However, it falls short in at least one respect: You can't pause live TV as you can with a cable service DVR. But many people like to record shows before they watch them anyway and then pause, fast forward and rewind at will. You can do all of that with Boxee's cloud-based DVR service if you're willing to record your shows first. You should also be aware that the No Limits DVR service costs an additional monthly fee.

You can contact Boxee support via email or by phone.

For a convenient home media server solution, Boxee functions admirably. Boxee's No Limits DVR, internet connectivity and live TV capability can bring thousands of movies, TV shows and songs into your living room. With features that keep Boxee on cutting edge of technology, it's a decent option for a home media server.