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Pros / This universal remote has excellent help and support options.

Cons / An LCD color screen is lacking from this universal remote.

 Verdict / Although a color screen is missing, we are still impressed with this universal remote.

Editor's note: The Logitech Harmony 350 is now available. Clicking the Buy button will take you to this version for purchase. We will evaluate, rank and review the Harmony 350 when we next update the Universal Remote reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review below about the Harmony 300.

As you can see from our universal remote side-by-side comparison, you can see that we love us a Logitech Harmony remote. The Logitech Harmony 300 is included in that love; although, in a few areas, it did fall short of our overall expectations for the best universal remote.

When it comes to the elite line of Logitech Harmony remotes, the Harmony 300 can be compared to the youngest sibling who is lacking the qualities and features of its older brothers and sisters. One main feature that is obviously missing from this remote is the beautiful LCD color screen we have seen in the first six of our advanced universal remote controls. Although the lack of this screen has brought the 300 down in our rankings, we are, as expected, still impressed.

This Logitech universal TV remote has the option to program four devices, which is perfect for a bedroom or entertainment room with only a television, DVD player and sound system. In our other universal remote reviews, we have seen multiple activity buttons that can access the TV, DVD player, etc. with one touch of the programmed button. The Harmony 300 only has one built-in activity button, which is located conveniently in the top left corner of the remote. This button turns your TV and cable box on or off with one touch. The programmable activity buttons are also at the top of the remote, below the watch TV button.

Although it lacks a touch or color screen, the favorite channel buttons, numbered one through five, are logically placed and are easily accessible.

The key to the Harmony 300's design lies in its simplicity. Everything about this remote, especially when compared to all of the buttons and functions of the Harmony One, 700 and 650, is simple, which we actually do love. You do not have to have all of the bells and whistles to be fabulous.

Instead of a docking cradle or rechargeable batteries, this universal remote uses AA batteries. Logitech continued to use the smart ergonomic design even in this uncomplicated remote.

Unlike the Logitech Harmony One, 700 and 650, the Harmony 300 universal remote is missing the on-remote help button. Despite this lacking feature, the 300 still has multiple help options. If there ever comes a time when your activity buttons are not working correctly or another issue arises, simply connect to the internet, navigate your way to Logitech.com and access their live support customer service chat.

When the setup process for your remote begins, again, turn to the internet and take advantage of Logitech's guided online setup, making the entire process that much simpler. Online, there is also infrared learning for those wanting to know how to get the best control results from their universal remote.

One help and support feature not found in the other superior Harmony universal remotes, however, is the additional wizard setup option provided by the Harmony 300. This option may give this programmable media center remote a leg-up over its more expensive and technical counterparts.

Included in the purchase of every Logitech universal remote is a package containing the installation CD software and a USB cable. Simply plug the USB cord (which in included but, if you lose it, can easily be replaced by a generic USB cord) into the top of the Harmony 300 and connect it to a PC or Mac, and the device will be recognized by the computer. From here, you are sure to find all of your electronic equipment codes in Logitech's database of 250,000 devices from 5,000 brands.

  • Max Operating Distance
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Weight
  1. Max Distance the universal remote will opearte at
  2. 6  Logitech Harmony 300
  3. 65.0 Feet
  4. Feet
  5. Feet
  6. Category Average
    45.67 Feet


The Logitech Harmony 300 universal remote is effortlessly terrific in its features list, help and support options and overall body and button design. Although this Harmony remote may be lacking a touch or color screen, the simple design that includes only four activity buttons is exactly what many non-techie consumers are looking for. We highly recommend this remote for anyone looking to replace the few remotes lying around their bedroom or home office.

Logitech Harmony 300 Visit Site