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Philips Prestigo SRU8010 Review

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PROS / Child restriction options are fantastic and will having parents vying for this remote.

CONS / Missing a battery status feature.

 VERDICT / This Prestigo remote may not have all the options, but it has the ones that count.

When beginning our research of the Philips Prestigo SRU8010, we were pleasantly surprised by the unique features not found in any of our other universal remotes. While these features are wonderful additions to the universal remote, the excitement was tainted by our disappointment in the ease-of-use functionalities. In our site introduction, we mentioned several items to look for when purchasing a universal remote. One of those items was a battery status indicator. Again, we were disappointed with Philips for not including this small but very convenient feature.

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Despite its flaws, we were impressed with the vibrantly colored screen and overall design of this universal TV remote.

  1. Max Distance the universal remote will opearte at
  2. 5 Philips Prestigo SRU8010
    23 Feet
  3. 65 Feet
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  6. Category Average
    45.67 Feet

We have researched and reviewed 10 products in our side-by-side comparison of universal remotes. In all of those products, however, the Philips Prestigo SRU8010 is the only remote that has a child restriction option or the "his" and "hers" programmable function keys.

There are so many terrific shows on television and movies playing, but sometimes they can be inappropriate for our children. That is why we absolutely love the child restriction feature. Child restriction allows children to watch only the channels you as parents have deemed safe and locks them out of the other channels. Parents can even have password-protected functions, settings and menus.

The "his" and "hers" action buttons are an absolutely brilliant idea. Bravo Philips. These hard-key buttons can be programmed to immediately showcase favorite channel icons and channel lists. We love this idea and know it will solve many disputes come time for the football game or "Desperate Housewives."

The design of the Philips Prestigo universal remote looks sharp and organized. The buttons are large and easy to see. They are not sculpted, however, so until you memorize every function and its location, you will need to look down at the keys. This constant glance-down may be a problem when watching a movie or television at night. The main buttons on the programmable media center remote are not backlit. The LCD color screen and its designated side buttons are backlit, however.

Unlike the previous product in our universal remote review, the URC R50, the Prestigo SRU8010 comes with a user manual, which can also be accessed online in PDF form. The PDF user manual has easy-to-understand instructions, complete with simple pictures.

The setup wizard does have instructions to program the keys on the remote, but if you ever get stuck, there is also a section in the user guide dedicated to the wizard setup.

An internet connection is not required for this universal remote's setup, which has its pros and cons. Although a fantastic user manual is provided for this remote, the wizard's setup can be a bit confusing and, depending on your technical skill, it could take several hours to program your remote.

Consumers report that programming the macro functions on the universal remote is frustrating and time consuming. One huge flaw with the macro programming is the inability to change the name (or label such as DVD, TV, CD player, etc.,) and layout after they have been programmed.


The Philips Prestigo SRU8010 universal remote has some fantastic features, such as its child restrictions and "his" and "hers" buttons, but it falls short in the ease of use category. When purchasing any universal remote, remember that it will take some time to configure all of the options and there is a learning curve, but when a remote like the Prestigo SRU8010 is so difficult to initially set up, it can be extremely frustrating.

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