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Pros / This TV can display 4K content.

Cons / The smallest screen size this TV is available in is 60 inches.

 Verdict / The Aquos Q+ series is one of the first full high-definition TVs that can upscale to 4K resolution. Its pristine picture quality is ideal for 3D content.

TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

One of the most important features to look at when buying a 3D TV is display quality. The Sharp Aquos Q+ series of televisions features one of the best pictures among TVs on the market. This 3D LED TV displays 1920 x 1080p native content, but it can also upscale content to near 4K quality. The Sharp Aquos Q+ receives our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award because it not only has one of the best full high-definition pictures, but also functional features you find on the best 3D TVs.

  • 3D Glasses
  • Screen Size
  • Video Quality
  • HDMI Inputs
  • USB Ports
  • Warranty
  1. How many pairs of 3D glasses come with the TV.
    More is better
  2. 2  Sharp Aquos
    2.0 Pairs
  3. 2.0 Pairs
  4. 3  Sony W
    2.0 Pairs
  5. Category Average
    2.89 Pairs

Display & Audio

With a native 1920 x 1080p full-HD picture, the Aquos Q+ series displays stunning visuals and adds a cinematic feel to any content you watch. This TV can also upscale content to 4K resolution. With more and more content moving toward ultra-HD resolution, the Aquos Q+ series is built to withstand the future of television evolution.

This TV also has some booming audio. Most built-in speakers for TVs are barely passable, meaning you do not struggle to hear content from the TV but don't get the full cinematic experience that you could get by adding extra audio peripherals to your set. The Sharp Aquos Q+ includes the industry standard of two 10-watt speakers like many of its competitors. This 3D LED TV also adds a pretty powerful 15-watt subwoofer so the TV can hit deeper bass sounds than most of the other best 3D TVs we reviewed. An extra sound system wouldn't hurt, but this TV has better built-in speakers than we've seen on any other 3D TV.

This TV also comes in some of the biggest sizes you can find. The Q+ is available in an 80-, 70- or 60-inch size. Bigger is not always better, though, and unfortunately, 60 inches is the smallest size, which is not ideal for smaller rooms.


The Sharp Aquos Q+ has active 3D technology. Many pundits believe active 3D to be the better version of 3D. Passive 3D has slightly less degradation in picture quality, but the Q+'s active 3D shutter glasses eliminate the degradation found on most passive 3D TV sets. This Sharp LED TV comes with two pairs of Bluetooth 3D glasses. One slight pitfall is that active 3D glasses tend to be more expensive than their passive 3D colleagues. Extra pairs or replacement glasses cost you a little more.

One of the biggest features besides 3D technology that you may be looking for is smart TV functions. This TV does come with built-in Wi-Fi, and you can connect it to the internet through an Ethernet cable. Streaming video is becoming increasingly popular, and you can connect to Netflix, HuluPlus and other streaming apps through your Sharp TV. There's no need for Apple TV or Roku devices connected to your TV, which clears up space and reduces clutter.


The best 3D LED TVs have plenty of connection ports for you to attach devices such as 3D Blu-ray players, 3D gaming systems like PlayStation 3, or satellite boxes with service that includes a 3D channel to your TV. The Q+'s four individual HDMI ports are helpful because most 3D devices need a high-definition connection. This TV has component and composite connections for older, non-HD equipment as well.



Help & Support

Since Sharp is one of the most well-known companies in the 3D LED TV market, its customer service includes a toll-free number, live chat, email and an online knowledgebase with a FAQs section. With plenty of Sharp customers worldwide, you can connect with other customers in Sharp forums for help with questions as well.


Sharp is one of the major players in LED TV technology. Its Aquos Q+ series is one of the best offerings of 3D TVs on the market. Full-HD 1920 x 1080p is native on this LED TV set and can be upscaled to 4K resolution if needed. Along with 3D technology, this TV has smart interactive features as a cherry on top.

Sharp Aquos Q+ Visit Site