Pros / This 3D TV has a brilliant display and comes with four pairs of 3D glasses.

Cons / The contrast ratio on this TV set is not particularly high.

 Verdict / The Sony KDL-55W800B is a capable 3D TV with a vivid display and many valuable features.

The Sony W Series includes several notable 3D televisions. This review focuses on the 55-inch Sony KDL-55W800B. This model has a remarkable video clarity, passive 3D technology and a strong set of features to improve your 3D viewing experience. The ports on this 3D TV can handle newer video players equipped with HDMI connections as well as older devices. The accessories are a nice addition to a great TV with dependable customer support. That's why we awarded the Sony W with the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award. 

The 55-inch LED display supports high quality video resolutions up to 1080p, with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The dynamic contrast ratio is more than one million to one, which gives you dark blacks, bright whites and vivid all-around color. Be aware that the contrast ratio is not as high as other 3D TVs we reviewed. The Sony KDL-55W800B boasts an impressive refresh rate of 240Hz to keep your movie playback smooth and seamless and to boost the performance of the passive 3D technology.

This 3D smart TV has some great features, such as 2D to 3D conversion and Energy Star certification. The built-in Wi-Fi connects this TV to many online streaming services, and the web browser lets you surf the internet from the couch. This 3D TV also has a comb filter and noise reduction, which ensure that you don't lose video quality during playback.

There are a number of useful ports on the Sony KDL-55W800B. The four HDMI ports give you the freedom to add multiple devices to your home theater. You can connect a PC using an HDMI connection to get access to your digital media library. You also have the option to hook up older devices that use component, composite and RF antenna connections.

Sony includes four pairs of 3D glasses with the KDL-55W800B, and you can get additional pairs for a low price. This 3D TV also includes a tabletop stand, a remote control and is wall mountable with an optional bracket from Sony. The technical support for this TV is courteous, friendly and available via email, phone and live chat. The user manual is available alongside the many FAQs that Sony offers for this product. This 3D television has a one-year warranty.

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The Sony KDL-55W800B is an elegant 3D TV that looks good in any setting. The warm, inviting display gives you another reason to watch your favorite movies all over again. Features such as 2D to 3D conversion, an Energy Star rating and four pairs of 3D glasses make it an excellent value. This 3D LED TV will bring entertainment for years to come.

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