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Terk FDTV2A Flat Review

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PROS / This company’s website has teaching tools to help you choose the antenna that best fits your needs.

CONS / Terk does not offer a paper-thin antenna, which is a popular design.

 VERDICT / Terk offers a plethora of high quality antennas that can help you receive crystal clear freeview local stations. Terk is one of the best companies to educate you on which proper antenna is best for you.

If it’s time to say goodbye to expensive cable and satellite bills, an HDTV antenna helps you get local news, sports and other content at a fraction of the yearly television bill cost. Digital antennas, like the Terk OMNITV2A, are great complements to streaming services that help change the way you watch TV. The OMNITV2A gives you access to local channels and subchannels that you can only find with HDTV antennas. This antenna has one of the clearest receptions as well as a variety of options to help fit your needs in terms of range and design for indoor or outdoor antennas. Terk’s website can help you decide which device works best for your home. This antenna receives our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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Signal Pickup Quality

Terk antennas have dual bands, meaning the antennas will pick up UHF and VHF signals. This is helpful because you need both in order to pick up all your local stations. Also, you will get access to virtual subchannels hidden behind HD channels and available only through an antenna. The Terk OMNITV2A is one of the better HDTV antennas you can find. Channels picked up by this antenna usually come in clear with little static. The OMNITV2A works for most people, but for a bit more money you can upgrade to the OMNITV3A for a little better quality.

Signal Pickup Range

This multidirectional antenna gives you a 360-degree signal pickup range, meaning no matter where you position the device, you should be able to get a signal from a broadcast tower in any direction. This indoor antenna is much easier to set up than an outdoor antenna, though its range will be shorter. Location and environmental factors affect true signal range, but the other high end Terk digital antennas can get up to 50 miles of pickup range in any direction.

Terk outdoor antennas are even more powerful. Most outdoor antennas are directional and need to be pointed at the source of the broadcast signal. These antennas are more useful when the broadcast towers are all grouped together in a similar direction. Terk uses 360-degree field technology for some of its outdoor antennas too, which is extremely helpful if you have broadcast towers on different sides of your house. The 360-degree field has less of a directional range, but a much greater area of signal pickup range than a typical directional outdoor antenna.


It's a little surprising that Terk does not offer a paper-thin model of indoor antenna. These leaf-like ultra-thin antennas are quite popular because they are easy to move, hang and hide. Terk may not offer a paper-thin antenna, but these antennas are pretty sleek. They’re not overly conspicuous and don’t stick out too much. The extra performance is a fair trade-off for a bit more bulk.

Help & Support

Installing a Terk antenna isn't hard. You can probably handle it on your own, but if you need customer support, the company has a few options for you. You can explore a troubleshooting and a FAQs page on the Terk website. You can send an email to ask an engineer support questions. The phone support isn’t easy to find, but if you get to it, you will need an account. The account doesn’t cost anything as long as you are a Terk customer.


While searching for the best HDTV antennas, Terk should be high on your list. Antennas like the OMNITV2A get excellent pickup quality so channels come in clear and static free. The signal range is larger than most of the antennas we reviewed. Terk’s website can help determine which antenna might be best suited to your needs, and the support options are more than adequate.

Terk FDTV2A Flat Visit Site