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Vizio E471VLE Review

PROS / This LCD TV has an appealing picture-frame look to it.

CONS / It only has three HDMI ports and one component cable, and it entirely lacks internet connectivity.

 VERDICT / We like this TV for the great support system available online and for its unique design. Unfortunately, it has mediocre picture quality and no internet connectivity.

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Vizio E471VLE

Vizio has come a long way over the past few years, and the Vizio E471VLE is one of the company's best LCD TV models to date. It is a good economical alternative to higher-end LCD TVs and provides respectable picture quality for its price. In exchange for the low price tag, you will notice that this TV is missing many of the features that come with more expensive televisions, such as internet extras.

This television doesn't offer much in the way of unique features, though it does come with a parental channel lock and a low energy consumption rating of 90 watts. It does have a great design though; because of its unique beveled edges, this LCD TV looks a lot like a picture frame, with the exception of the matted strip across the bottom that houses the speakers. We like the look of the frame, but the television is a little bit on the thicker side, so it might be a bit harder to hang on a wall. Once you have jumped that hurdle, it will look great in any room in your house.

The picture quality isn't quite on the same level as the best LCD TVs, but it still looks pretty good. The screen features a 100,000 to 1 contrast ratio, which isn't shabby for an LCD TV, though the black level might appear washed-out when you're watching particularly dark scenes. Some users also report a decline in picture quality when viewing the screen from the far left or right, although this problem is nearly universal among LCD TVs. The Vizio E471VLE has one distinct advantage in terms of picture quality: a plethora of picture adjustments and preset settings for sporting events. It also performs very well in dark rooms, which bring out the colors on the screen. The matte screen ensures that there will be no glare on the screen, even in well-lit rooms. Glossy-screened TVs are much less forgiving.

With increasing numbers of audio and video equipment manufacturers adopting HDMI, the three available slots might not be enough. The Vizio E550VL also comes with ports for one component, composite, PC, and one Ethernet connection, but it does have two USB ports.

The help and support available on Vizio's website is a definite bright spot for the E550VL. This television has its own product section where you can find answers to questions or help with the purchase process. There is also a section with FAQs, and contact information includes an email address, a phone number and even an online chat feature. Overall, the help and support is a huge plus for anyone worried about buying the new Vizio LCD TV online.


The Vizio E471VLE is one of the thicker LCD TVs on the market and does not offer the best picture quality, but don't count it out of the running quite yet; its low price and a large number of picture adjustments are nothing to shake a stick at. The unique picture-frame design also has a definite aesthetic quality to it. If it matches the current décor in your living room, this HDTV's appearance might redeem it of any shortcomings.

Vizio E471VLE