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Panasonic TC-L47DT50 Smart Viera Review

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PROS / The Panasonic Smart Viera TC- L47DT50 has great picture quality and a stunning design.

CONS / Panasonic doesn't offer a warranty, and the screen is only 42 inches wide.

 VERDICT / If you don't mind a smaller screen, this Panasonic LED TV delivers a beautiful picture.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Panasonic TC-L47DT50 Smart Viera

The Panasonic TC-L47DT50 is one of the smaller LED TVs on our lineup – but its 47-inch screen is juxtaposed with very strong display specifications and a wide variety of connector types. This TV also lacks local dimming which is a highly sought-after feature in these sets. To its credit, it does offer other popular features, like dedicated 3D and internet services. You can access 3D conversion, the Viera Connect menu and other media using a SD card or USB drive. You will have to purchase the 3D glasses separately however.

One of the great features of this TV is the contrast ratio, which is amazing considering the size of the panel. This Panasonic LED TV has a great picture quality – one of the best in our lineup. This TV also consumes the least power of any set on our lineup, which makes sense, given its smaller size; this HDTV is a solid purchase option if you're concerned about energy consumption.

In terms of design, the TC-L47DT50 is stunning and unique. When compared to other predominantly black LED TVs on the market, it stands out with its metal and glass bezel and glowing logo, and is a nice addition to any entertainment center.

The 178-degree viewing angle also outperforms some LED TVs with larger screens. The refresh rate is a thin 120Hz, making it only average in this category. This limited refresh rate only shows the TV's lack of future-proofing features. When media and players that support 240Hz refresh rates – which the PlayStation 3 already does – become widely available, you'll have an underperforming television in your theater room.

This set by Panasonic offers a great deal of connector varieties that outpace larger screens with more bezel space. With four HDMI connectors and three USB ports, you'll be able to hook up all of your devices without a problem. You can also connect an Ethernet cable via the included port.

The only thing that this Panasonic LED TV lacks is a warranty. Surprisingly, this TV doesn't have a limited warranty; in fact, it doesn't have any warranty at all. However, Panasonic does provide customer support of every flavor in the other areas, including an online user manual, a robust FAQs section, free telephone and email support, and even a convenient live-chat feature.


In the end, while the Panasonic TC-L47DT50 has a smaller screen than other LED TVs on our lineup, its superior display specifications, particularly its high contrast ratio and 120Hz refresh rate, make it a viable choice for your LED TV purchase.

Panasonic TC-L47DT50 Smart Viera