Pros / This Samsung TV has one of the best pictures on the market.

Cons / This TV does not have as many preloaded apps as other TVs.

 Verdict / The Samsung H7150 is our favorite smart TV because of its gorgeous picture and well-integrated smart features.

Cutting the cord and ditching cable and satellite service is a popular trend. Why pay expensive cable bills when streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus are available for a fraction of the cost? Smart TVs give you convenient access to video streaming services without the need for extra equipment. The Samsung H7150 is the best smart TV because of its superior display quality and clever interface. It also has a quad-core processor that runs the menus and web apps smoothly. This TV beats out the competition and earns the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award in the smart TV category.

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  • Smart App Interface Score
  • Color Accuracy Score
  • Black Level Score
  • HDMI
  1. Performance score of smart TV interface.
    More is better.
  2. 1  Samsung H Series
    85.0 %
  3. 80.0 %
  4. 90.0 %
  5. Category Average
    81.11 %


The Samsung H7150 has one of the best smart hub interfaces among smart TVs. The Samsung Smart Hub organizes your TV screen into five different panels that simplify navigation between live TV, movies, streaming services, social networks and other features. This TV sports built-in Wi-Fi, which allows your TV to connect to your wireless network so you can get online without the use of an Ethernet cable. Another helpful feature is the full web browser, which allows you to surf the internet from the couch.

This TV is preloaded with the most popular web apps, including Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video. HBO Go, Pandora and MLB TV apps are also included, but you won’t find YouTube or Facebook preloaded. You can, however, download them from Samsung’s app store, most apps are free to download.

This Samsung is packed with other innovative features. Using Wi-Fi technology you can mirror your phone or tablet screen on the TV. This lets you view media and photos from your phone on your TV without plugging into any wires. The Samsung H7150 can also learn your preferences and suggest TV shows and movies you might like. You can use the voice interaction to search for content and performing simple functions like turning the volume up or down. This TV also can display 3D content. With its quad-core processor, this TV can run the features, apps and menus smoothly.

Display & Audio

The best smart TVs in our comparison feature full 1080p HD video. However, not all high-definition video is created equal. This Samsung model has a much crisper picture than some of its competitors. Samsung is known for its clear and vibrant display, and the H7150 is no exception. This TV is one of the best in both color accuracy and black level scores. The colors are separated so dynamically that they pop right off the screen. The colors also don’t wash out or blend together from any viewing angle, whereas many lower-end models distort when viewed from an acute angle. This TV comes standard with two 10-watt speakers, but for extra bass, this TV includes built-in subwoofers too.


Having a lot of ports for connecting extra devices is important in any TV. Because smart TVs connect wirelessly to the internet, you don't need a Roku or Apple TV, but you will likely want to attach other devices like a cable box, game system or Blu-ray player. For high definition devices, you will need HDMI ports. This Samsung TV has four HDMI ports, which puts it among the best TVs. This TV also has multiple USB ports for multimedia devices like flash drives containing pictures and videos. If you have non-HD devices like DVD players or VCR players, you can use the component and composite connections on the TV. Of course, this TV has an Ethernet port for internet if the built-in wireless does not do it for you.

Help & Support

Samsung offers a variety of ways to reach customer support. You can chat with an operator 24/7 either online or with the toll-free number. You can contact Samsung through email as well, or look through the FAQs section or online forums to find answers on your own.


The Samsung H7150 is the best smart TV we reviewed. Its brilliant display is hard to beat and the quad-core processor runs the smart TV features quickly and easily. The Samsung smart hub is missing some apps that we are accustomed to seeing on other smart TVs, but it has the most popular apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus. The Samsung app store makes nearly any app available, most for no charge. This TV is one of Samsung's premier models, and it will look great and provide high-quality HD programming to brighten your entertainment room.

Samsung H Series H7150 Visit Site