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Pros / You can open two windows on your screen at the same time, allowing you to watch TV and surf the web simultaneously.

Cons / You must have Dish Network to search your TV programming at the same time as your apps and LAN-connected electronics.

 Verdict / The Sony KDL-40EX640 gives you access to your cable or satellite TV channels as well as full browsing capabilities.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Internet TVs here.

The KDL-40EX640 internet TV is a smart TV that allows you to watch TV, view the internet and use apps similar to those on a smartphone. You can have two windows open on your television screen at one time. The Google TV also provides you with full browsing capabilities, so you're not restricted to a set number of sites you can visit. One thing to keep in mind with this smart TV is that it doesn't support Adobe Flash player for video content.

This 40-inch Sony internet-connected TV has built-in Wi-Fi. It comes with full browsing capabilities, which most smart TVs lack. The only things that might slow you down are that Adobe Flash player for video content isn't compatible with the Google TV, and the Google Chrome browser won't allow you to download add-ons directly through it. Some websites may require you to have certain add-ons in order for the websites to load. If you don't have the needed add-ons, you won't be able to view the sites.

You can't buy apps through a manufacturer's app store with the 40-inch Sony internet-connected TV, which is disappointing. Additionally, the sparse 12 preinstalled apps may leave you wanting more. However, since they have full browsing capabilities, the number of available apps is less critical because you can visit virtually millions of websites.

The 40-inch LED screen is high-def, with a resolution of 1920x1080p, and plays movies at a rate of 24 frames per second, which is standard. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio. The dynamic contrast ratio (DNR) is 4,000,000:1. Sony estimated that its 40-inch smart TV has about a four-millisecond response time.

The KDL-40EX640 has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is slower for an HDTV, but the TV still performs well at this rate. If you have a trained eye, or sensitive eyes for that matter, you many notice that this smart TV has a slower refresh rate. Even with the lower refresh rate, Sony's 40-inch internet-connected TV consumes 122 watts of power on average – which is a little higher than average. However, it meets Energy Star approval requirements. The light sensor technology will adjust the brightness of your screen to match the light conditions in the room to minimize glare and maximize picture quality.

This smart TV comes with one composite input, one component input, four HDMI inputs, two USB ports, one Ethernet/LAN port and one digital audio out. It's DLNA certified, so you can connect it to your local area network (LAN).

The 40-inch Sony internet-connected TV comes with a Sony remote, complete with a QWERTY keyboard. You can use it to type website addresses and conduct searches. You can also use your smartphone as a remote. Now, if you've already sat down on the sofa, you won't have to go looking for the remote. You can simply pull out your phone.

You can watch TV and search the internet simultaneously. The Google TV allows you to open two windows on your screen, making it possible to do two things at once. Most of the other smart TVs we reviewed don't offer this handy feature that takes your internet-connected TV experience one step closer to the internet you'd experience on a computer . With this Sony smart TV, you can watch TV and bring up your Facebook page without missing any of your show.

Sony offers tech support chat on its eSupport website. The tech support agent we interacted with on Sony's eSupport chat knew a lot about the KDL-40EX640. Of all the tech support agents from the various manufacturers we contacted while researching smart TVs, Sony's agents knew the most about its product and were the quickest at responding to instant messages.


The Google TV capabilities of the KDL-40EX640 allow you to access the internet in a computer-like environment, with the ability to have more than one window up on your screen at a time. It comes with 12 apps and full browsing capabilities. You can connect to other electronic devices in your house that are on your network. This 40-inch Sony smart TV has great internet capabilities, but it also does a great job being a TV.

Sony KDL-40EX640 Visit Site