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TCL Roku TV 55FS4610R Review

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PROS / The Roku smart hub is very easy to use.

CONS / The picture is noticeably low quality.

 VERDICT / This TCL smart TV partners with Roku and offers one of the best smart TV interfaces at an affordable cost.

The TCL Roku TV is one of the most interesting smart TVs on the market. TCL has teamed with Roku to create a smart TV using the Roku interface that doesn't require a separate Roku device. The picture quality is lacking on this TV, but the Roku smart hub is one of the easiest and most-liked smart TV interfaces on the market. Also, this TCL TV’s price point is much lower than many of the top competitors.

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The Roku interface is one of best smart hubs on the market. Roku specializes in bringing internet apps to any TV, so it's no wonder that a Roku-based TV has a user-friendly interface. The smart hub looks pretty much like any other Roku box you would have with a couple added TV additions like source input.

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Picture quality is an obvious weakness of this TV. The color and black levels don’t match up with the best smart TVs. However, it is a great value buy for an entry-level TV with smart features.

This TCL flat screen TV does not technically have preloaded apps, but with the Roku interface built right in, you will have access to over 1500 apps available through Roku. This includes the most popular smart TV apps like Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and HBO Go for streaming video. If you like to listen to music, apps like Pandora, Spotify and iHeart Radio are also available on this platform. You will even be able to play games like Angry Birds using the motion controller designed for the TCL Roku TV.

This Roku-inspired TV does not have as many connections as the best smart TVs, but three HDMI ports is passable since you shouldn't need an HDMI port for an internet streaming media device.

TCL has U.S. support available for questions and concerns. The company offers phone, email and live chat support like many of its competitors; however, we found live chat to be unreliable with this company.


Roku is one of the most recognizable brands for internet streaming TV. TCL’s inclusion of Roku for its smart TV interface is great for people who prefer the familiar, user-friendly interface of the Roku smart hub. While this TV does not technically have its own built-in apps, the Roku interface connects you to hundreds of apps. The TCL Roku TV does not have the best picture, but it's a good value for a smart TV.

TCL Roku TV 55FS4610R Visit Site