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Oregon Scientific Backyard Pro Review

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The Oregon Scientific Backyard Pro Wireless Weather Station is one of the best Christmas gifts for Dad or the scientifically minded child, as it offers a number of different weather readings that you can read at a glance. This home weather station offers far more capabilities and functions for the curious-minded than cheap, digital weather monitors. It has many of the features that more advanced stations have, including indoor and outdoor thermometers and barometric sensors, but at $129.99, it's a fraction of the cost. Overall, this product takes mere minutes to set up and offers copious amounts of information about the weather around your property, without you having to log in to a computer and search for the same information.

The Backyard Pro is easy to set up, taking less than 15 minutes to put together, meaning you can almost start using it right out of the box. As more and more devices move to wireless connections, we all know how frustrating setting up remote devices can be. However, this wireless weather station automatically connects with the three included sensors as soon as you plug the batteries in. Whether you give it to a science-loving child or a seasoned weather enthusiast, they'll be able to assemble and start using this weather station in no time.

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This Oregon Scientific weather station comes with four main components. First, you'll find the weather station console, which is where you get all of the information received from the three weather sensors. At the top of the screen, you'll find an iconic weather forecast that indicates the current weather, such as whether it is sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy or snowy. Just below the weather icons, you'll find all the other readings, such as indoor and outdoor temperatures and rainfall readings. Additionally, this weather station tells you the humidity, dew point, wind speed, wind direction and barometric pressure. All of this information may seem overwhelming, but the display is well organized and easy to read.

The weather station console has six buttons that you can use to adjust settings and display the information you want to see. The Mode button allows you to cycle through different display modes so you can adjust what information you see on the screen. The Select button allows you to choose which section of the screen you wish to adjust. The Max/Min button displays the maximum or minimum memory readings, such as the highest temperature in the last 24 hours. The Light button activates the backlight, making the screen easier to read in certain light settings.

Finally, the up and down arrow buttons allow you to increase or decrease the values of the setting you are currently on, as well as change whether the console displays indoor or outdoor readings. This last feature is particularly helpful for toggling between the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature.

The three sensors included with the Backyard Pro weather station can be set up around your house or property, up to 100 meters away from the main weather station console. First, you'll find a wind sensor that determines the wind speed with an anemometer and the direction with a wind vane. Next, the kit has a small temperature and humidity sensor with a wall adapter. Finally, you'll find a rain gauge that measures how much rainfall your area has received. All of the batteries, screws and materials you need to set each sensor up and start gathering readings are conveniently included in the box. Setting up each individual sensor is simple and painless, taking just a few minutes to prepare.

The Oregon Scientific Backyard Pro Wireless Weather Station combines several capabilities that are found on highly advanced stations, but it won't break the bank. This weather station is a sure win for your dad who hates hopping online to get weather information, and it's a great gift to help satiate your child's scientifically curious mind.

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