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Pros / Swapagift.com provides locations where you can sell your gift cards in person.

Cons / You are linked to other websites to buy, sell and trade gift cards.

 Verdict / Swapagift.com can connect you to local, in-person gift card exchange locations, but it doesn't provide any online exchange services itself.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Gift Card Exchange here.

Swapagift.com is very different from any other gift card exchange service we reviewed because it doesn't actually provide the services itself. Swapagift.com has been in business since 2003, but switched from actually providing the services on its website in 2008; instead, Swapagift.com directs you to another gift card exchange site for these services.

If you have an unwanted gift card to sell, using Swapagift.com will just be an extra step for you. Swapagift.com does not let you buy or sell a gift card from its website, but rather links you to its sister site.

The best and only feature we like about swapagift.com is that if you are looking to receive cash for a gift card quickly and locally, Swapagift.com provides a list of Certified Partner Locations where you can go to receive cash for an unwanted gift card. These locations are generally check casher services and retail financial service centers.

Swapagift.com has made it easy to find one of these locations in your area by providing a map of the United States; you simply have to click on your state and a list of locations with names, addresses and phone numbers will pop up. Additionally, you're also provided with a link to Google Maps for each location, which will give you directions.

You won't find a gift card selection on swapagift.com, but what you will find is a link to the inventory of its sister site, which is fairly good and large. If you choose, you can look through that gift card selection and there's a good chance you will find the kind of gift card you are looking for with that site.

Swapagift.com is simply annoying to use and more of a hassle then anything. You aren't able to search on its site for gift cards to buy or get information on ones you can sell; you are just linked away from the site for all of that.

The only way to contact Swapagift.com is to fill out a form on its website and submit it.


Unless you are looking for a local location where you can sell a gift card instantly and quickly for cash, Swapagift.com won't be able to help you with much of anything. Using this gift card exchange service is just an extra step as it simply links you to another gift card exchange service for buying and selling gift cards online.

Swapagift.com Visit Site