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Hot Tools Spring Iron 1110 Review

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PROS / This curling iron can reach 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

CONS / There are no digital capabilities with this hair curler.

 VERDICT / This curling iron works well on all hair types, but it is missing many features that you will find in several similar products.

The Hot Tools Spring Iron is a hot spring-based curling iron. This hair curler features a spring clamp that allows you to curl thick and coarse hair easily. It features high temperatures of 430 degrees Fahrenheit and 10 heat settings. Additionally, this curling iron has a long power cord and an indicator light to alert you when the curling iron is powered on. However, this curling iron is missing several features, specifically safety features, which would enhance it significantly.

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This curling iron is one of the hottest on our lineup. It can reach a temperature of 430 degrees Fahrenheit. The high temperatures are best for thick and coarse hair. It also features 10 temperature settings, so if you have thin or fine hair, you can find a setting that is best for your hair type. The minimum temperature on this hair-styling product is 280 degrees Fahrenheit.

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We are impressed with the performance of this curling iron. Its spring-clamp design holds hair tightly in place so even coarse and thick hair can achieve beautiful curls. It also features the basic design of a curling iron, but it is ergonomic.

The barrel on the Hot Tools Spring Iron is plated with 24-karat gold. It can heat up within 60 seconds, so you never have to wait for extended periods of time to use the curling iron at your desired heat.

Several safety features are missing from this product, including automatic shut-off. This feature would turn the curling off on its own after a certain period of time without any activity. It doesn't come with any heat-protective barrel or heat-resistant glove either. It also lacks digital screen capabilities. The settings are located on a dial on the side of the iron.

The Hot Tools Spring Iron features an 8-foot power cord. This is one of the longest power cords we saw on a curling iron. The long cord gives you flexibility when curling your hair. The cord also swivels so you can more easily reach all around your head.

This curling iron is covered under a one-year manufacturer warranty. We would like to see a longer warranty, but one year is the average.


The high temperatures and spring clamp make the Hot Tools Spring Iron a useful tool for thick and coarse hair. It also features 10 temperature settings, which makes it a great option for thin and fine hair in need of a curling iron with lower temperatures. It has a long power cord and an indicator light. However, it is missing several features, such as digital capabilities and automatic shut-off. Despite its few drawbacks, the Hot Tools Spring Iron has the heat and the design to make beautiful curls, no matter your hair type.

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