Pros / There are 30 heat settings on this curling iron.

Cons / The power cord is less than 6 feet long.

 Verdict / The Revlon Perfect Heat has the ability to work on all hair types, but it doesn't offer any features that help it stand out from similar curling irons.

The Revlon Perfect Heat curling iron is a basic spring-clamp curling iron. This hair styler features a tourmaline ceramic barrel, heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and offers 30 heat settings. It also provides several safety features, including automatic shut-off capabilities and a protective heat shield. However, its design is basic, and it isn't a curling iron that stands out compared to similar products.

With a spring-clamp design, the curling iron holds your hair into place and you will not need to worry about hair slipping up and down the barrel. It features a ceramic tourmaline barrel, which reduces frizz and eliminates static. This curling iron is suitable for all hair types. We tested this product on a variety of hair types and lengths, and overall, it provided strong results for all hair. The iron is also ergonomic and not too hot to hold for extended periods of time.

This curling iron reaches temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an excellent option for thick and coarse hair. It also features 30 heat settings and has a minimum temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower temperatures are a benefit to thin and fine hair, as they won't cause heat damage.

It doesn't take long for the Revlon Perfect Heat to reach its desired heat setting. In 30 seconds it can heat up, which is a large benefit to this device. However, it doesn't feature any digital screens or digital capabilities. In case you want to adjust the heat settings, a dial is located on the iron that you can turn to your desired heat.

The curling iron includes a handful of safety features, such as automatic shut-off capabilities. This means that the curling iron turns off on its own if left for a period of time without any use. There is also an indicator light on the curling iron's handle that lets you know when the iron is on and conducting heat.

The curling iron features a 5-foot, 9-inch power cord. This is similar to the length you will find on many basic hair curlers. The best models feature power cords that are 8 feet or longer. The longer the cord, the more flexibility you have when curling your hair. However, the cord on this Revlon hair care product swivels, so it is still easy to reach the hair on the back of your head.

The Revlon Perfect Heat includes a one-year warranty. We would like to see a longer warranty, but this is the average warranty for these devices.

If you do have questions or concerns about this curling iron, you can reach a Revlon customer support representative via email or telephone. We are impressed with the support we received from representatives. We sent several email inquiries to the company, and we received fast and detailed responses each time.

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  1. Average curling irons offer five heat settings or fewer, while the best offer 10 or more.
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The Revlon Perfect Heat has several beneficial features, including numerous heat settings, a ceramic tourmaline barrel and automatic shut-off. The spring clamp is excellent for thick hair, and the lower heat settings are ideal for thin hair. The Revlon Perfect Heat doesn't include any features that help it stand out compared to similar products, but it still performs well and provides curls for all hair types.

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