Handheld Showerheads Review

Why Use Handheld Showers?

Handheld showerheads assist you in showering every morning, and they can help you in save natural resources each time you turn on the water. These devices can also increase the water pressure in your shower, which can save you time and intensify cleaning effectiveness. With a handheld showerhead, you control whether you want your water spray to be gentle or more forceful.

Shower systems with handheld faucets come in a wide variety of styles and with many different options to suit your particular needs. Handheld showerheads provide flexibility in movement, while mounted shower fixtures allow for a hands-free experience, and some fixtures provide both options. With more people conscious about the environment and saving natural resources, standard showerheads can be swapped out with energy-saving fixtures that reduce water use. Knowing what to look for in a showerhead can help you customize your bathtime experience. A few available models include the Delta 7-Spray Hand Shower, the Aquagenix Fusion 7-Setting Hand Shower and the Etl-Fan Fi Oxygenics handheld showerhead.

Handheld Showers: What to Look For

Handheld showerheads are installed by connecting a tube to one wall in your shower. They allow for freedom of motion, are perfect for those with limited mobility and also work well for washing pets. When purchasing a handheld shower purchase, here's what you might consider.

Spray Modes
Depending on what type of massage mode you want for your shower, a multiple-spray mode showerhead allows you to create a completely customizable shower experience. Pulsating settings provide a massage for achy muscles, while a soft rain shower with a handheld fixture offers a relaxing cleanse.

Mounting Types
Handheld showerheads can either be mountable like a traditional showerhead or solely handheld. With a flexible hose on a handheld showerhead, you can reach parts of the body that you might not otherwise be able to reach directly with a mounted showerhead. Handheld devices are perfect for bathing children and pets, as they allow you to control exactly where the water spray is directed. For flexibility, some handheld showers come with slide bar that you can place along a wall or ceiling to customize the shower experience. Most mountable showerheads have a flexible neck, which allows you to change the direction of your water.

Water-Saving Options
Water-saving showerheads reduce the flow of water into your shower, so you can take a shower for the same length of time without using as much water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, showers use approximately 17 percent of total water usage in the home. Water-saving showerheads can help a family save hundreds of gallons of water per year.

Water Filters
Water filters help remove some of the harsh chemicals that are found in treated water. When using a showerhead with a water filter, you can enjoy softer skin and shiner hair, and you can potentially reduce eye irritation and possibly even allergies that can be caused by exposure to chlorine and other additions from the municipal water supply.

Handheld showers are useful devices that are helpful with personal hygiene, but it pays to look around and find a device that is suited for your preferences. Check out a wide variety of handheld showerheads that work well and satisfy your needs.