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Bella Sera Nove 3 Queen Review

The Bella Sera Nove 3 Queen is an excellent option if you’re new to natural latex mattresses. Made with USDA-certified organic latex, the bed still maintains a low price point due to the combination use of synthetic materials and a wood foundation. The mattress itself is made of three layers of latex, creating the support and softness needed for an improved night’s rest.

When it comes to creating a custom experience, you have full control over the softness or firmness of your Bella Sera Nove 3 Queen. Consumers are advised to put the firmer layers on the bottom, so if you prefer a soft bed, you can pick soft for the top two layers and medium for the bottom to create that soft-as-air sensation. In addition, you can divide the mattress into two sides for even greater customization if your loved one prefers a different firmness level.

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If you aren’t satisfied with the level of firmness in your organic latex mattress, the Bella Sera Nove 3 Queen is protected by a 90-day comfort guarantee. You can simply return the mattress and obtain a different combination of firmness levels. Or, if you’re happy with the firmness of your mattress, you can rest easy with the bed’s 20-year warranty, which protects against body impressions greater than an inch and a half in depth.

To further build upon the all-natural latex mattress’ approach to customization, the mattress itself is covered in an organic cotton and wool cover that has a zipper along the bottom. With this feature, you can easily remove layers of latex from your mattress to adjust the order of layers. Rather than having to send the mattress in for replacement during the first 90 days of use, you can take matters into your own hand and see what changes are possible from your home.

The Bella Sera Nove 3 Queen is one of the best options available among latex beds due largely to the customization allowed to you. If you’ve never slept on a latex mattress before, this option proves ideal in giving you greater control over the softness of each latex layer, in addition to giving you the ability to interchange layers on your own. Combined with the all-natural latex materials used in creating the mattress, the bed is an incredible example of organic and healthy manufacturing.

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