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The Essentia Tatami Queen takes a straightforward approach to creating a comfortable and natural latex mattress. By combining the best practices of using wool and cotton covers to augment the durable and flexible nature of latex, this mattress offers an increased level of softness over other non-latex beds. The result is a bed that is highly organic, incredibly comfortable and very long lasting.

A common practice among latex beds is to include layers of organic cotton and wool along the top for added comfort. The Essentia Tatami Queen instead offers a different approach, incorporating a natural level of memory foam to the top of the mattress for that level of comfort and contour. However, this memory foam is naturally created using hevea milk, or rubber tree sap. It creates the memory foam feel without all the toxic chemicals.

The one-inch memory foam layer is placed atop a seven-inch natural Dunlop latex support layer, which is of medium firmness. The bottom of that layer is lined with SoftGrip™ cotton, which assists in preventing the bed from shifting around on your mattress platform or box spring. On top of the organic latex mattress is a layer of Zebrano fabric and a Bucaneve wrap. The Zebrano fabric is a material exclusive to Essentia consisting of a durable, breathable and unbleached organic cotton. The Bucaneve wrap is much like the bottom layer of the mattress, helping reduce friction of the mattress layers.

The Essentia Tatami Queen comes with a 20-year warranty, of which the first 10 years are non-prorated. Typically, a warranty period for all-natural latex mattresses consists of a non-prorated and then a prorated period. In this instance, for the first 10 years of the warranty, any repairs will be covered free of charge. For the remaining 10 years of the warranty, however, you can expect to pay a minimum of 20 percent for any repairs.

The Essentia Tatami Queen offers a unique experience from other latex mattresses with the inclusion of an organic, memory foam, top layer. While the prorated portion of the warranty does leave the potential for sizeable repair costs should your mattress need replacing, it adds an extra level of security against the need for a new bed in the immediate future. Any shortcomings in the warranty are easily made up for with the quality materials used to craft the mattress itself.