When it comes to latex mattresses, you have fewer choices to pick between in comparison to memory foam mattresses. This is in part to the lengthy manufacturing process of latex. But if you’re the type of person to prefer an all-natural bed in comparison to one treated with toxic chemicals, the Foam Sweet Foam Urban Green Queen is an excellent example of the benefits of latex over memory foam. It offers three levels of latex that can be customized and arranged in accordance to firmness for a bed unique to your preferences of comfort.

The Foam Sweet Foam Urban Green Queen is split up into three separate layers, each three-inches thick, for a total of nine inches. Each layer is inserted individually and isn’t glued, meaning you can pick different densities of latex in accordance to your preference for a more individualized natural latex mattress. These layers are available in Talalay, Dunlop or a combination of the two for a natural latex blend.

A major deterrent when you first purchase a memory foam mattress is the strong chemical odor that comes with it. While the smell fades with time, it doesn’t detract from the knowledge that the bed was made with toxic chemicals. In comparison, the Foam Sweet Foam Urban Green Queen is manufactured without such toxic chemicals. The organic latex mattress will have a slight rubbery smell when you first purchase it, but that smell too will fade with time. However, it won’t leave you wondering what you’re putting your head each night.

The Foam Sweet Foam Urban Green Queen is available in multiple levels of firmness, from Super Soft to XXX Firm. Larger consumers are often encouraged to go with a firmer mattress as the softer latex beds will provide insufficient support over a certain weight level. When you’re first purchasing the mattress, you can exchange layers to achieve the right level of comfort and firmness, and even after the purchase you can further rearrange layers for added customization and long-lasting comfort.

The Foam Sweet Foam Urban Green Queen is a popular and resilient all-natural latex mattress. The three-inch layers, combined with the varying levels of density you can pick, allow you to truly customize this bed to a level of firmness best suited to your needs. The mattress is a very effective demonstration of how natural materials like latex can be manufactured to create a comfortable night-time experience.

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