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Latex mattresses set themselves apart from other beds due to the emphasis on organic manufacturing. The Green Sleep Dolcezza Queen lives up to all the hype, offering a bed created using natural rubber that is free of chemical processing. The use of latex creates a firm sleeping surface for support that easily reacts to the contours of your body while providing increased levels of air circulation.

The Green Sleep Dolcezza Queen is made of four layers of a natural rubber contained within a cover of organic wool and cotton. The bottom layer consists of 1.5 inches of firm rubber for support. The middle two layers consist of three inches of soft, medium or firm latex and the top, two-inch layer offers firmness customization. The combination of four layers creates an even more individualized natural latex mattress for sleeping, catering to your specific comfort levels.

The result of four stacked layers is a 9.5-inch organic latex mattress made of north Malaysia 600 natural rubber. This rubber is reputed as among the purest and most elastic natural latex in the world, contributing to a healthy and all-natural product. The rubber core naturally draws moisture away from you and circulates air throughout its multiple cores. The air circulation provides increased protection against things like mold and mildew, whereas the latex itself is naturally resistant to dust mites for greater mattress' longevity.

The reported lifetime of the Green Sleep Dolcezza Queen is between 20 and 25 years, a claim further guaranteed through the durability of the rubber used. The all-natural latex mattress is certified by Germany’s Eco Institut, an international organization established in the realm of eco-friendly product testing. This further attests to the all-natural design, lack of chemical manufacturing and safety of use.

The Green Sleep Dolcezza Queen is among the best latex beds available due to the product’s emphasis on organic manufacturing. The bed itself is constructed using only the purest of rubber sap, creating an odor- and chemical-free bed you can feel safe resting your head on. The result is a mattress that naturally conforms to your body and will withstand the test of time, giving you the same restful experience every night.