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Ikea MORGONGÅVA Queen Review

The Ikea MORGONGÅVA Queen is among the most popular and highly reviewed latex mattresses on the market due to its low cost and high level of comfort. Due to the use of latex, it retains many of the benefits of memory foam without the downsides.. For example, this mattress quickly conforms to your body without impeding movement, doesn’t come with the new mattress chemical smell and offers a lengthy warranty for true longevity of use.

The Ikea MORGONGÅVA Queen is among the least expensive of latex beds on the market, often costing less than half of most other mattresses. It accomplishes this by using a dunlop-processed latex combined with a synthetic latex as opposed to the more expensive talalay-processed and natural latex. While this is decidedly less expensive than natural latex, it still affords all the same benefits and is still a healthier alternative to memory foam.

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If you are a back or stomach sleeper, you’ll find a greater amount of comfort and support from the Ikea MORGONGÅVA Queen. However, if you sleep on your side, you’ll quickly note the mattress is somewhat firm. This is an indirect result of the synthetic materials used in comparison to organic latex mattresses. While this doesn’t mean the bed will be incredibly firm, if you want a mattress that feels like a pillow top, this one may not be soft enough.

The Ikea MORGONGÅVA Queen comes with an incredibly long warranty period of 25 years. This comes into play when the mattress begins to lose comfort and begins to form impressions of your body on the mattress. Once the mattress meets specific circumstances of gradual wear within the latex core, you can easily replace the mattress. Such gradual deterioration of support is common even among natural latex mattresses, but thanks to the warranty, you can take comfort in a long period of product protection.

While the Ikea MORGONGÅVA Queen is not an all-natural latex mattress, its synthetic blend of latex still results in a comfortable and long-lasting experience. With a 25-year warranty and a low price, this is among the best economic options you can find. Whether you want a bed resistant to mold and dust mites or need a low-cost and healthy alternative to memory foam, this mattress effectively simulates the benefits of latex without the price.

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