Latex mattresses offer an experience different from memory foam mattresses. Due to their organic makeup, these beds come with a natural resistance to allergens and a durability that outlasts many other types of mattresses. The Lifekind Trio Queen is an excellent example of this, utilizing its many air pockets to encourage air circulation, removal of allergens and spring retention for continued support after multiple years of use.

The Lifekind Trio Queen specifically markets itself as an all-natural latex mattress ideal for consumers suffering from hay fever, asthma, upper respiratory breathing difficulties and fibromyalgia. The typical construction of latex mattress prevents the buildup of mold and mildew through holes in each layer that encourage air circulation. In addition, the milky sap used to create latex from rubber trees prevents dust mites from growing in the mattress and thus encourages better sleep over the long term.

This natural latex mattress is broken up into three separate layers of rubber that you can customize to an ideal combination of soft, medium and firm. Each layer is three inches thick, creating a product of nine inches of rubber for a deep level of support. Each individual layer of latex is then wrapped in a quilted cover of Naturally Safer pure wool and certified organic cotton.

The Lifekind Trio Queen is protected by a 90-day exchange policy that allows you to return your mattress for one of a different firmness level. Or, if it’s just a single layer of the mattress causing problems, you can simply exchange a single layer for a different firmness. In addition, when you do find the mattress you like most, the organic latex mattress is covered by a 20-year warranty that protects against gradual loss of firmness.

The Lifekind Trio Queen is a popular choice among latex beds due to its all-natural approach to manufacturing. Not only does it contain latex free of toxic chemical treatment, but it is also contained within organic cotton and wool. The result is a mattress not only free of chemical odors but also a sleeping surface that will prove durable and comfortable.

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