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Sleeptek Classic 3000 Queen Review

When it comes to the simplicity of natural latex mattresses, the Sleeptek Classic 3000 Queen is among the most simple of beds available. Allowing you to pick between three levels of firmness, the mattress provides a straightforward layering of latex to increase your level of comfort as you sleep each night. The bed is made up of a natural and organic latex created from the sap of rubber trees grown in Malaysia and Thailand, which gives you a good night’s sleep.

The Sleeptek Classic 3000 Queen is made up of eight inches of natural rubber, divided into two different layers. The six-inch core utilizes a firm natural rubber at the bottom, covered by a two-inch layer of soft natural rubber on top. While the bottom layer is firm, you can pick between three levels of firmness on each side of the mattress. Each layer is wrapped in an organic cotton tricot, and the two layers are then surrounded by a cover made of organic cotton and pure wool.

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The latex layers and mattress itself are covered with pure wool, making this a completely organic latex mattress. The wool is shorn from open-pasture sheep and cleaned without any type of chemicals beyond water and soap. The wool is then processed without oils and bonding agents, making these covers as natural as possible. The cotton portion of the mattress cover is likewise organic, grown in the valleys of the Peruvian Andes without synthetic pesticides or other chemicals. The result is a mattress cover that feels and smells natural and unprocessed.

The mattress cover is designed to facilitate stretching for a true level of comfort. The organic cotton jersey knit ensures the all-natural latex mattress can form to the contours of your body without hindrance. This knit consists of pure wool at two pounds of material per square yard. The result is a highly enduring and flexible material that only accentuates your experience each night. The stretchable nature of the cover, combined with its all-natural materials and flame-retardant nature of wool, makes this an incredible value and addition to the mattress as a whole.

While the Sleeptek Classic 3000 Queen offers little in terms of unique features, it excels in providing a latex bed you will get a solid night’s sleep on. The use of natural latex means the mattress is made without toxic chemicals and additives and is among the healthier of mattresses you can purchase. Combined with the lack of chemical odor when you first get it, this is a mattress you will find truly comfortable and long-lasting.

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