Thanks to the creative genius of engineers like those at SilverSleep, you can get the support and comfort you need to sleep soundly on a memory foam mattress. The SilverRest Sleep Shop Therapeutic 12” earns its place as a best memory foam mattress due to the trusted name of the manufacturer. And if this mattress doesn't give you years of restful sleep, you can take advantage of the 20-year warranty.

The SilverRest Sleep Shop Therapeutic 12” seeks to be the means through which you achieve deep sleep, designing the bed with memory foam to ensure even distribution of your body’s weight. The end result is no aches or pains in the morning, a benefit of only the best memory foam beds. This mattress is designed to adjust instantly to your body’s shape, acting on a chemical reaction to bodily heat due to the viscoelastic foam in the mattress itself.

Viscoelastic foam is resistant to microorganisms and allergens, ultimately combating additional issues associated with sleeping disorders, osteoporosis, and neck and back problems. The layered construction of the mattress is designed to promote blood circulation in the body by relieving stress on pressure points and promoting healthy support throughout the body.

The SilverRest Sleep Shop Therapeutic 12” achieves all of these promises through the design of the mattress itself, and is constructed into four layers. The top layer consists of a 5-inch, high-quality viscoelastic memory foam. Under that is a 7-inch solid polyurethane base and then two layers of convoluted foam. The result is an unparalleled level of support, weight distribution and comfort. Each layer complements the next through varying levels of density to create a slight sink without making the bed seem too fluffy.

Owning a SilverRest Sleep Shop Therapeutic 12” can prove to be a very rewarding experience. We’ve taken note of the effort SilverRest makes with their mattresses to create solutions to not only discomfort, but also a wide array of sleeping disorders and pains. The fact so many consumers find solace in this mattress stands as a testament to the comfort and support of this mattress’s design.

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