The Slumber 1 is a low-cost pillow top mattress available for purchase online. While among the cheapest of options, it doesn’t skimp on quality materials and design. If you’re in dire need of a comfortable night’s rest but you lack the budget to go for the best mattress models, then this is a mattress worthy of consideration.

This mattress is available for shipping to your home and will arrive in compressed wrapping. Typically, when you remove a mattress from the wrapping, it takes upwards of an hour to regain its original shape and then several nights of use to work into the bed’s cushioning. This mattress uses revolutionary rebound technology to expand to its original shape within minutes and can immediately begin the “breaking in” phase.

The mattress itself is made of a base layer containing individually wrapped, heavy-gauge metal springs. These create a strong level of support and durability for the bed itself to extend its life. The technology used to make the spring mattress is called iCoils; the coils operate independently to give every part of your body the right level of support. For example, a king size pillow top mattress contains nearly 900 individual coils. On top of the coils is the pillow top, which consists of five layers of varying-density foam to create support that contours to your body’s shape and relieves it of pressure.

The Slumber 1 is made of a variety of materials that are clean as well as novel. For example, the memory foam in the pillow top contains natural green tea to protect against the chemical odors common to memory foam. Natural seed oil is likewise used to reduce the growth of bacteria in the mattress and prolong its overall use. These, in addition to many other natural materials, create a quality sleeping experience that continues to garner some of the best mattress reviews.

When it comes to low budget solutions, the Slumber 1 is a pillow top bed worthy of consideration. It may not be the same caliber as more expensive models out there, but it succeeds in its basic purpose of giving you a comfortable night’s rest and relieving your neck, back and hips of pressure points that would otherwise cause tossing and turning at night.

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