The Textrade King Inner Spring is an ideal king size pillow top mattress for any couple. Between its large size and emphasis on providing comfort for an uninterrupted night’s rest, this is a mattress that is sure to relieve pressure points on your back. Countless options exist, but this model is especially appealing with its low cost and simple approach to mattress design.

If you’re using a simple mattress topper to create a pillow top bed, you should consider making the full switch to this mattress. The cost is only slightly more than a topper, plus you’ll be getting all of the benefits of a mattress with a warranty to cover it against any dipping. The warranty period lasts for five years and protects against major defects like tears or loss of cushion resulting from prolonged use.

The Textrade King Inner Spring contains an inner spring mattress with a layer of plush pillow top to create a combination of effective support and comfort. The 1,000 15-gauge tempered steel coils create an environment of movement absorption to minimize motion disturbance if you or your partner moves at night. The pillow top consists of 2.5-inch plush cushioning with 20 layers of Denier foam. This layering of foam helps in shaping to your body’s contours and effectively supporting it.

The mattress itself is covered in a Damask quilted fabric that is both soft and flexible. You’ll still want to purchase a mattress cover to protect against spills and stains to the mattress itself. But as is indicated in most of the best mattress reviews, Damask material itself is quite durable and will protect the inside of the mattress for quite some time.

This pillow top mattress is available only for online purchase, which means you take something of a gamble in buying it. Shipping is free, and once you unpackage it, it’ll return to its original shape within an hour’s time for you to adequately test it. Even with this dubious point, few consumers ever feel the need to return it because of how comfortable the mattress is.

The Textrade King Inner Spring is the best mattress for consumers working on a budget. It offers all the comfort you’d expect out of a pillow top, but without the high price tag. This, combined with the quality design of the plush pillow top and inner springs, creates an experience fit for a king.

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