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Best Garage Door Openers

If it's time to replace your garage door opener and you need help selecting the best one for your home, check out the strong, quiet, safe models we reviewed.

Best Backup Cameras

A backup camera doesn’t just protect your car from backing over bicycles and skateboards – it also protects your children and pets. Read our reviews of the best backup cameras to learn more.

Best Single-Cup Coffee Makers

The right single-cup coffeemaker helps take the guesswork out of brewing and gives you a mix of features and options to satisfy your palate.

Best Candy Thermometers

Candy making is a precise process. There's just no eyeballing the difference between 235 degrees (syrup) and 300 degrees (hard candy). Eliminate the guesswork with a reliable candy thermometer.

Best Home Automation Systems

Bring your home to the pinnacle of technology with a professionally installed home automation system. You can control everything, including lights, heaters and home theater systems.

Best Belt Sanders

A belt sander gives you a powerful, portable way to clear off old paint, ready wood for new finishes or smooth down uneven edges. Read here to learn more about belt sanders.

Best Rice Cookers

Rice cookers are convenient and easy to use, and some models do more than simply cook white rice. Modern rice cookers come in a wide variety of models and capacities, so you can find the one that's best for you.

Best Bread Makers

The best bread makers are affordable and convenient, plus they offer an assortment of cooking features.

Best Pressure Pool Cleaners

Pressure pool cleaners can help you maintain your pool. Read more to discover how this pool cleaning equipment can give you more time to enjoy your favorite home amenity. 

Best Slow Cookers

Slow cookers have improved dramatically over the past few years. They still save you time in the kitchen, but now the small kitchen appliances work even harder for you.

Best Watch Repair Kits

Watch repair kits are handy when you need to replace a watch band or battery or perform more complex repair jobs. Discover which watch repair kit is right for you.  

Best Mini Fridges

Mini fridges are ideal for dorm rooms, offices, hotel rooms, small apartments and even vehicles.  

Best Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans increase the efficiency of your home by evenly distributing hot and cool air throughout a room.

Ninja Precision

Anyone who has taken to the latest healthy food trend of vegetable noodles can get plenty of use out of the Ninja Precision Processor. It makes great spiral-shape noodles out of all kinds of vegetable


The KitchenAid Custom Pour Over Coffee Brewer is an eye-catching coffee maker that ranked in the middle of the pack for most of our tests. It was one of the slower ones we tried, but the testers were


The Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Thermal Coffeemaker offers convenient features that make your morning routine go more smoothly, but was not the favorite for flavor and aroma among our testers. They


The KRUPS KJ502D51 is a powerful large-capacity deep fryer that will allow you to fry plenty of food for a large family. This deep fryer also has nice convenience and safety features, and its detachab


IMUSA's 1,100-watt single burner is a decent low-cost option if you need an extra burner for travel. It lacks the more sophisticated features of the expensive induction burners, but it will heat up yo


The single-burner hot plate from Nesco can be a great addition to your boat, RV or dorm room if you need more cooking space. This unit has more aesthetic appeal than most we tried, so it might be a ni


The Ovente BG44S is a convenient extra burner for travel or entertaining. This one has a few quirks but it was pretty competitive overall. It is one of the induction-style burners in our hot plate rev

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