Bald is becoming a beauty statement, not a sign of old age. The bald look is increasingly popular with men because it is a distinguished look – not to mention it saves time with your daily grooming routine. However, before decide to shave your head, there are a few things you should know. Without a little instruction and knowledge beforehand, the sharp look you desire will be replaced with bumps, nicks, scrapes and razor burn.

Here are five things you should know and do before you shave your locks. 

Cut Your Hair First

Before you grab a manual razor or an electric head shaver, your hair should be no more than 1/4 of an inch long. If hair is too long, the razor can snag the hair, leaving you in pain and even a little bloody. Use a pair of hair clippers to cut hair down to 1/4 inch long or ask someone to do it for you. The beauty of this step is the hair cut doesn’t need to look nice since it will be all gone in a few minutes anyway.

Exfoliate and Pamper Yourself

It is recommended that you clean and exfoliate your head before you shave. To do this, scrub your head with soap or shampoo to make sure the head is clean. Scrubbing the area helps remove dry skin and will help eliminate ingrown hairs. It is also one of the first and most important steps to prevent razor burn. Additionally, if you do cut yourself while shaving, a clean scalp means you won't have to worry about causing infections, rashes or other skin problems around the cut.

Your Direction Matters

Whether you use an electric shaver or a handheld razor, you want to shave with the grain of your hair. If you go against the grain of your hair, you can irritate your skin, which results in a red head with razor burn. Furthermore, you want a razor with sharp blades. You want to avoid going over the same area on your head, as each time you will remove a layer of your skin.

Don’t forget to Moisturize

After you use the head shaver to remove all hair, use a soothing balm or aftershave lotion to prevent dry and damaged skin. When you shave, you shave off small layers of skin. You need to add moisture back into your skin to repair the damage you might have caused. The lotion or balm will help reduce redness, and some may even reduce possible acne breakouts if you also shave your face.

Use Quality Products

Even though you are just shaving your head, the type of product you choose makes a big difference. If you don’t have a quality product to shave your head, you may need to wear a hat for several days.

First, you must decide if you want a manual razor to shave your head or an electric razor. Electric razors are designed to cut hair faster and prevent you from going over the same area numerous times. You also don’t have to worry about using shaving creams, gels, water, etc., when shaving your head. However, you may have to use the electric razor more often than the manual razor as they don’t cut as deeply as manual razors. Additionally, if you wish to shave your head in the shower, you will want a manual razor because electric models shouldn't be exposed to that much water.

Bald is beautiful, and if you are smart about shaving your bald head, you will have a classy look that requires very little maintenance.

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