Although both front-load washers and top-loading washers will wash your clothes and other laundry, there are quite a few differences between the two technologies, and front-loading washers have quickly become the more popular choice. Front-load washers are designed to not only fulfill your simplest laundry needs, but to be more convenient for you, and they also provide advanced and innovative features that will make your laundry routine easier and perhaps even fun. To help, we ve put together five reasons to make the switch to a front-load washer.

One of the greatest features about front-loading washers is just that   they are front-loading. This simple design difference between top-loading and the newer front-loading washing machines makes them extremely convenient. The door sits right on the front of the appliance and it opens to the side, not upwards like top-loaders, making it more convenient to both load and unload your laundry. Other conveniences include their ability to stack a matching washer and dryer set, and the optional pedestal drawers that you can get to set them on.

Unlike traditional top-loading washers, many front-load washing machines are stackable, which can save floor space in your laundry room. However, one possible downside to stacking the front-load washers instead of setting them side-by-side, is that you won t be able to use the optional pedestal drawers. This won t give you the additional laundry room storage underneath and will leave the bottom appliance at a lower height, which will makes you have to hunch over to load and unload it. If stacking the matching washer and dryer pair isn t for you, setting them side-by-side is still an option, and most likely the more widely used option in consumers  laundry rooms.

Pedestal Drawer Storage
Often, laundry rooms are already small and cramped, but then you add a large washer and dryer and then you really have no space. Most front-load washers are available with an optional pedestal drawer, which adds quite a bit of storage room to your laundry room. The pedestal drawers have to be purchased separately, but they also make the washer door sit at a more convenient height, in addition to a nice amount of additional storage space below the appliance.

Vibration Control
The best front-load washers are equipped with vibration control to help the appliance stay balanced even while a heavy load is spinning. These vibration control systems also allow front-load washers to be second-floor installable. This means that the appliance is quiet enough to operate on a second floor without disturbing that floor or a lower main floor while it is running.

Advanced Features
Although top-load washers are now coming with more advanced features, upgrading to a front-loader washer from your current, possibly ancient, top-load washer will not only bring you up to date and help you be more energy efficient, but will allow you to take advantage of the incredible and attractive advanced features that are now coming standard on these major appliances. These advanced features include specialty wash cycles, energy saving options, a vibration control system and much more.

The specialty wash cycles often include allergen, sanitize and clean washer cycles, which are all incredibly helpful. Energy saving options often include cold wash cycles and options that use less energy and still provide you with excellent wash performance.

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