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The Best Electric Hair Clippers of 2017

DIY Haircuts: Easy and Cheap

The Best Electric Hair Clippers of 2017
Our Ranking Electric Hair Clippers Price
1 Andis Promotor Combo $38.94
2 Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Combo $40.49
3 Philips Norelco $144.15
4 Conair Home Haircut and Grooming Kit $33.29
5 Conair HC1100R $44.99
6 Wahl Haircut and Beard $29.95
7 Oster Fast Feed $56.93
8 Braun CruZer 6 $64.99
9 Panasonic ER-GS60-S $38.15
10 Oster Free Rider $79.95

Electric Hair Clippers Review

Why Get an Electric Hair Clipper?

For most men, cleaning up well means getting regular haircuts. However, going to the salon and having a professional cut your hair can be costly. Electric hair clippers allow you or someone else to easily cut your hair without any professional training. High-quality hair clippers don’t require any scissors or fancy equipment. These devices feature toothed blades that move back and forth, creating a type of scissor effect.

To use these products, you simply run the clippers through your hair. The best hair trimmers come with numerous attachments so you can choose a specific length for your hair. Some products might even cut coarse facial hair and help you keep your beard trimmed. Additionally, many hair clippers are powerful enough to not only cut through dry hair, but thick or wet hair as well.

In this site you will find articles about electric hair clippers. In addition, take a look at our top three hair trimming clippers: Andis Promotor Combo, Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Combo and Philips Norelco.

Electric Hair Clippers: What to Look For

When looking for the best hair clippers, you will want to consider not only how powerful the clippers are and how well they cut hair, but also how easy they are to use. If you are cutting your own hair or are a novice to cosmetology, you will want a pair of electric hair clippers that are easy to use and provide numerous attachments to make it easy to get the specific length of hair you desire. Here are the criteria we used to evaluate these products:

Performance Features
The ease of use is vital when looking for quality hair trimmers. You need a pair that is easy to use and allows you to add several attachments. It also needs to be designed well so it is easy to hold over your head for an extended period of time if you plan to cut your hair by yourself.

Additionally, if you have thick hair or if you plan to cut wet hair, you will want to consider the motor on the product. There are three common motor types found in hair clippers: pivot, rotary and magnetic. Rotary motors are the most powerful of the three, but they are often found in bulkier products. Magnetic motors generate more speed, but they are the least powerful. Pivot motors are powerful enough to cut through thick and wet hair, but the blades move the slowest.

One of the advantages of using hair clippers is that it allows you to choose the length of hair you desire. Many of the best hair trimmers come with numerous attachments that allow you to cut at different lengths. The best hair clippers come with at least eight attachments that allow you to cut hair as short as 1/16 of an inch to 1 inch. Additionally, you should look for right and left taper accessories. These allow you to easily cut hair behind the left and right ear. A blending tool also allows you to blend the hair and give your hair an even look.

Many of these products cannot be cleaned by just running water over them and rinsing off the hair. Some products require you to use cleaning oil and a small brush to clean and lubricate each blade. If the hair clippers requires this type of cleaning, you will want a product that comes with the oil or you will need to make an additional purchase.

Hair clippers can be cordless or corded. Many cordless models are rechargeable and can run between 40 to 100 minutes on a single charge. The lack of a cord can be especially ideal if you are cutting hair by yourself and don’t want to worry about getting tangled in the cord. However, the corded devices often have the most power and you don’t have to worry about recharging the device before or after use.

Help & Support
You should look for a hair trimmer that comes with a lengthy manufacturer’s warranty. The average warranty for this type of product is one year; however, many of the best products offer a warranty of up to five years. A long warranty proves the company is confident in their hair cutting instrument. Furthermore, you should look for a company that provides customer support options to ensure that someone is available to answer your questions and concerns.

With the right features and design, you can purchase powerful hair clippers that will help you get a high-quality haircut without paying a hefty bill each time.