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Pros / These hair clippers include 27 items and attachments.

Cons / These hair clippers are not cordless.

 Verdict / The Andis Promoter Combo is one of the best hair clippers because it provides more power than similar products and features more accessories than you will find with most hair cutting sets.

TopTenREVIEWS - Gold Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

The Andis Promoter Combo is the recipient of our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award. These electric hair clippers come with a trimmer and eight attachments. The clippers are powerful enough to cut through wet and thick hair, as well as coarse facial hair. This trimmer is designed for detailing necklines and sideburns. The clippers and trimmer are corded so you do not have to worry about recharging the device or purchasing additional batteries. Additionally, it comes with an instructional DVD to ensure you get professional-looking haircut, even without any training.

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Performance Features

If you are looking for powerful hair clippers, this grooming product is one of the best. The clippers feature a powerful pivot motor that has the ability to cut through wet and thick hair. This is a standout feature of this device, as many similar clippers can only be used on dry hair. Furthermore, these Andis clippers can cut through coarse facial hair if your beard needs to be trimmed or thinned.

The Andis Promoter Combo is simple to use, especially if you are cutting your own hair. It features contoured housings that make holding the clippers for extended periods of time easy. The blades are adjustable, allowing you to get as close of a cut as you desire. It is also a corded device, which gives it more power and eliminates any trouble with batteries and needing to constantly recharge the device before use. However, the cord can also be a hindrance and get in the way if you are cutting your own hair.


This hair cutting kit met our full expectations with the number of accessories and tools it offers. This kit features 27 accessories. There are eight clipper attachment combs included with this kit. The smallest attachment cuts at 1/16 of an inch and the largest cuts at 1 inch. The wide range of attachments allows you to get the length you desire without much trouble, especially if you do not have any previous hair cutting experience or training.

A few additional attachments come with this device to ensure that you get a quality haircut. These include a blending tool, as well as left and right ear tapers. We are pleased to see these tools included with these clippers. Many similar electric hair clippers do not offer these attachments.

Another advantage to this product is that it offers many additional items that make cutting hair a little easy. Stainless-steel shears, a barber comb, tapered barber comb and a barber cape are all included with this kit. It also features a cleaning brush and lubricating oil. This allows you to regularly clean and maintain the clippers without making an additional purchase for cleaning tools. Furthermore, a soft storage case is included to ensure your clippers are safe and protected while stored.


The design of the clipper is nothing extraordinary. It features a stainless-steel blade and it's lightweight. The included trimmers feature a T-blade that is designed for close cutting and trimming. This is ideal for detailing certain areas of your hair such as necklines, sideburns and even facial hair. The trimmer also features contoured housing, which makes holding the trimmers for extended periods of time simple.

Help & Support

The Andis Promoter Combo is covered under a five-year warranty. We were pleased to see such a long manufacturer warranty available on this device as many similar clippers are only covered for one year.

For customer support, you can contact an Andis representative via email. Unfortunately, we could not find any phone numbers to reach an Andis representative. However, there are several service stations around the world that you can call and receive answers. You can find the nearest service station to you on the Andis website. Additionally, we could not find any live-chat support options.

An instructional DVD is included with this hair cutting kit. This is a beneficial if you have never cut hair before and are nervous. Very few hair cutting kits includes an instructional DVD as this kit does.


The Andis Promoter Combo is a powerful hair cutting and trimming set. The set comes with 27 items, which is a lot for comparable hair clipper sets. It can cut through wet and thick hair and is covered under a five-year warranty. We would like to see more support options available, and the cord can get in the way when you are trying to cut your own hair. However, the Andis Promoter Combo offers numerous accessories and is a powerful tool, and this easily makes it one of the best hair clipper sets available.

Andis Promotor Combo Visit Site