Pros / The Conair Home Haircut & Grooming Kit features a hair trimmer, plus a nose and ear detailer.

Cons / These hair clippers do not have the power to cut wet hair.

 Verdict / These are versatile clippers with plenty of guide combs and styling clips to let you cut your hair the way you want, plus tools for getting rid of unwanted hair in awkward places.

The Conair Home Haircut & Grooming Kit boasts 25 included accessories to make your haircut process simple and professional. These hair clippers for men include a hair trimmer and a nose and ear detailer. The included hair clippers are covered under a five-year warranty and are easy to use. However, the design of these clippers is standard and similar to what you will find on many electric hair clippers.

The hair clippers can trim and thin out facial hair, and the included hair trimmer can add more precision to your facial hair as well as to necklines and sideburns. There are no cordless capabilities featured on this device. However, the cord ensures that you have power throughout the entire haircut. These Conair hair clippers feature a DC motor. These clippers are designed to cut dry hair and do not have the capabilities to cut wet hair, which is a drawback, as many similar products have this capability.

One of the advantages to these hair clippers is the large assortment of included accessories. This kit boasts 25 pieces including 10 guide combs, three styling clips, a barber comb, a styling comb and a barber cape. It also features a cleaning brush and oil to ensure you have all the tools necessary to regularly clean and maintain these clippers, and it includes a storage case for when it's not in use. Furthermore, the Conair Home Haircut & Grooming Kit includes a blade guard to protect your blades. The design of the Conair hair clippers is standard and similar to many products. The blades are adjustable and stainless steel.

The warranty on this product met our full expectations. These hair clippers are covered for five years under the manufacturer's warranty. This is the longest warranty we saw available on this type of product. Additionally, if you need to communicate with a support representative from Conair, you can contact them via email and telephone. There is no live-chat support.

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The Conair Home Haircut & Grooming Kit is an excellent haircutting solution if you desire numerous accessories. The included hair trimmer and nose and ear detailer enhance this product. The hair clippers boast a long five-year warranty, which is the longest we saw offered on this type of product. We would like to see the included clippers have the power and the capabilities to cut wet hair. However, this haircutting kit provides an extensive number of tools to help you get the haircut you want right from your own home.

Conair Home Haircut and Grooming Kit HCT401 Visit Site

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